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I think the best way to get more people to support the forum financially, is to establish a more inviting atmosphere. When people are discouraged to actively participate in discussions because of an overall condescending tone, they’re less likely to feel like contributing to the financial side. So we all need to work on this together.

And I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, I’m not targeting you in any way. It just happens that you and I rarely agree, which is fine. I have no problems thanking you for your contributions that I agree with, as you can easily see from my thanks given to you on some of your posts in this thread, for example.
People are free to discuss almost anything on this forum. That doesn't mean other people will like it or agree with it. I think a nicer atmosphere is an unachievable dream; too many people can never just disagree without resorting to the fan integrity accusations and insults and inflammatory remarks. It never ends.

I'm not going to post anymore unless it's necessary. It's not worth the grief. I just want to help and do my duty in peace.