I noticed we didn’t have a thread for Siedah’s work outside of her collaborations with MJ.

Let’s kick it off with an article about her new single “The New Frontier (Say Their Names)”, the proceeds from which will be donated to Black Lives Matter:


First Listen: Siedah Garrett challenges us to a "New Frontier" of justice

(June 10, 2020) Singer and songwriter Siedah Garrett is known for her hits as a performer, but also for a career filled with lyrical insights, such as on the iconic "Man In The Mirror," which she wrote for Michael Jackson. And the Grammy winner continues to write and perform songs of importance in 2020.

On her newest single, the proceeds from which will be donated to Black Lives Matter, she sings of the problems of today, and wonders out loud when there will be a "New Frontier" of equality. Siedah tells us, "I was inspired to write this song to help bring awareness to this very serious issue of police use of excessive force, and the minimizing of the lives of black people in this country. After viewing the footage of the brutal murder of George Floyd, and hearing the reports of the killing of Breonna Taylor, I, like many other Americans, knew I had to speak out in my own way. I had originally written a draft of this song after the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray, but it had never been publicly released. And now, after George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, and all of the others, I knew the song, with its message of hope and promise, had to be released.”

In the newly released single, "The New Frontier (Say Their Names)," Siedah both laments current inequities and ponders the day when we can move forward as a people:

Oh, when will there be justice
When will there be peace
When will we see love as you and me
An’ when will there be kindness
On the new frontier
That’s the day when love will conquer, fear
On the new frontier

This dramatic song, co-written with former Prince guitarist Michael “Fish” Herring, is a strong addition to the bevy of new releases addressing the topic of racial equity and justice. It is the first of several singles that Siedah plans to release this year. Check out "The New Frontier" below and welcome Siedah Garrett back to SoulTracks.