Without coming off as an "obsessed fan"?

I was at a store earlier this week with a friend of mine who I have known for a few years. We were thumbing through the selection of vinyl albums they had and he came across a copy of MJ's Invincible album, and then he said something to the effect of "He was a talented musician but a horrible person". He didn't go into detail about any specific accuser or allegation, but mentioned something about "having shown pornography to children" and said that he is able to get away with more and buy his way out of legal issues because of his race, which struck me as kind of an odd thing to say as it generally tends to be the other way around.

I know some people are set in their beliefs and I don't really want to stir up negativity with this person, but it was clear to me that they weren't very well educated about the facts of MJ's trials and it seems to me that this person likes his music and believes him to be talented but his perception of him is clouded by tabloid bullcrap and false media reports.