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Thread: Lets not leave eh...

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    Default Lets not leave eh...

    Ok, lol where shall I start on this haha...

    I get so many messages that this member is pissing this person off or that person and they want to leave or have their account deleted etc etc... guys you do know there is an ignore feature on this board? if anyone is upsetting or giving you sh*t put them on ignore, then you won't see their posts, they can't reply to or dm or even see your profile page, to leave means they won and you then suffer no getting your MJ fix, this place can be the best thing since sliced bread for Michael, but it can also be the worst... don't let yourself miss out on the best bits just because of a select few you don't get along with, utilise that ignore button and carry on celebrating Michael, after all, he needs as many of us as possible to continue championing his good name.

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    Default Re: Lets not leave eh...

    Yes, to reiterate what Gaz has said, please remember to use the ignore feature if there are members who are upsetting you or constantly trying to pick an argument with you. This way, you will be able to navigate the forum in peace - free to connect with others, have fun and enjoy celebrating Michael.

    On another note, as Gaz has mentioned, sometimes members ask to have their account DELETED, usually because in a rash moment they want to leave the forum and they don't want to leave their MJJC persona and all of their posts behind. It is against MJJC policy to delete accounts - we prefer to maintain the integrity of all memberships, members' profiles and their posts, as it is all part of the history of the site.

    If a member truly wants to leave the site and be rendered unable to log back in at all, then the only way is for them to agree to be permanently banned. This may only be done at the discretion of the owner and it is extremely rare for him to agree.

    So please, rather than asking for your account to be deleted, invest some time in learning how best to function here on a daily basis and let's remember to be KIND to each other. Otherwise IGNORE.

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