Clovis Durieux, aka Clovis Jackson, is known as the white wolf in Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais),his hometown. The Henian, who will turn 60 next year, is in love with his city and his idol: Michael Jackson. For decades, Clovis has worshipped the King of Pop to such an extent that he became its local lookalike.

Clovis, a miraculous

He loves his community so much that he paid tribute to him in a single, "Come to My City", released in January 2021. The video, posted on Youtube,already has more than 3,800 views. It must be said that Clovis has suffered in his busy life and has finally regained the smile since he decided to return to Hénin-Beaumont.

"I survived 3 cancers, stroke, meningitis... I'm a miraculous person," he says. He, who worked for a long time at Renault "to pay for the bowl" lived in Auby, in the north. He does not have a very good memory of it. "I was mocked because I dressed up as Michael Jackson. I couldn't be myself so I came back to my hometown. »

In Hénin, Clovis Jackson is appreciated, loved. He is greeted everywhere he goes, even by the mayor. "I participate in actions carried out by associations, I sang and danced during the first confinement to amuse the neighbors... And they give it back to me very well," he says.

Known as the white wolf in Hénin-Beaumont

If you cross the city, you won't miss it! This king of pop enthusiast never goes out "in plain clothes." "I'm always in disguise. People know me like that and that's who I am. I have dozens and dozens of Michael costumes at home. His love for the author of Thriller, Billie Jean or Smooth Criminal was born in the 1980s.

I had a flash in 1982. I used to go out to a nightclub near Arras because I loved music and I loved dancing. Thriller passed and I had like a revelation. I immediately liked this man. -Clovis Durieux Henois lookalike by Michael Jackson

Clovis describes himself as "a little Frenchman who has loved Michael for 40 years." He doesn't know everything about himself but he listens to it every day and admires his dance steps on video thanks to his projector installed in the kitchen. The King of Pop never leaves him.

"He's not gone, he's always there. He paces my life and he saved it," he says with a smile. Today, Clovis enjoys every moment and begins his new career as a singer. "I've sold about 30 singles and I'm looking forward to releasing more," he said. Tireless.