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Thread: Gratitude Thread


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    Smile Gratitude Thread

    Hi everyone. I struggle sometimes to stay happy, do you?. I have anxiety and the biggest cause of that is change. Everyday I have a longing for comfort, routine and familiarity. When things suddenly change such as, breaking up with a partner, moving house and even sometimes being out of the house for too long, my anxiety will flare up and/or I will get low, lost and even lonely. Sometimes I do even find myself feeling lonely in the presence of others, often at parties and other social gatherings. I can identify that I have some pretty big attachment issues, I feel lost and lonely today since my girlfriend just broke up with me (completely peacefully, she's really, really struggling with her own mental health at the minute and she is struggling to get out of bed, let alone carry the pressure and responsibility that comes with a romantic relationship, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. - There was no drama or discourse at all is what I am trying to explain) and even though we had only been together for 2 months, I feel lost and anxious knowing that we aren't going to video call and watch Netflix tonight (Which, of course is a pretty normal way to feel after a breakup. In fact I feel good, in comparison to my last breakup with a girl I was with for 2 and a half years and lived with. Boy, that was rough.) However, I still recognise that I project and have a subconscious belief that another person will solve this longing I have to feel safe and comfortable, when in reality it's a lack of connection to myself and not the absence of a relationship with another person but rather the absence of a relationship with myself.

    I want to grow. I want to know who I am and more importantly, love who I am and be comfortable with being with me. There are some really important practices that I need to implement in my life to ease anxiety, become comfortable with who I am and feel fulfilled my own actions instead of expecting someone else to fulfill me.

    1. Practice gratitude
    2. Help other people
    3. Be part of a community

    I thought I would start this thread to do all three of these things. Let's list off three things that we're grateful for. Whenever you feel down, lost, anxious or in despair, just come onto this thread and make a comment. List three things you're grateful for in your life and talk and console others. It's very important to look after ourselves and each other.

    These three things can be anything that makes you happy. They can be materialistic (my laptop, my guitars, my piano), spiritual (God (in which ever form God is to you), meditation, prayer), they can be even simpler (the sky, trees, the sun). Just think of three things and hop back in here to list another three when ever you need too.

    I'll start:

    I am grateful for:

    - My family and friends
    - The ability to write and record music
    - This community

    What about you?


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