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Michael Jackson Mentionings:


My Secret Life: Thomasina Miers, chef & food broadcaster

You wouldn't know it but I'm very good at: disco dancing. Think Seventies disco or early Eighties with plenty of shimmying. I worship early Michael Jackson.


HLS: When legal scholars become media stars

Toobin, a former editor of the Harvard Law Review, captivated the crowd early with his surreal description of a courtroom full of people tapping their feet to Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller.” It was played, he said, as part of a documentary on the singer that was viewed as evidence at his 2005 trial on charges of child molestation.
“I went to Harvard Law School for this?” he said he recalled thinking at the time.


UFC fighter Rashad Evans learned about life as hospital security guard

Even the fans are of two minds towards Ortiz, Evans says, recalling one autograph session before the Ortiz bout where fans urged him to "kick his ass."
"And some of the same people that said that to me - I was watching them - when he walked into the arena where we were, they just lost their minds. You thought Michael Jackson or somebody was walking through."


Sure, we have Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but those are music performance games. There was Michael Jackson Moonwalker, a 1990 Sega arcade game. And a strange KISS-inspired Dreamcast game. And Peter Gabriel's EVE, which is more like an interacive CD-ROM than a game. And a Chemical Brothers Flash game for the single Galvanize, which now seems to be offline. And one of my former students, Rob Fitzpatrick, made a game adaptation of a single from the band The Most.


TJC Pops Concert This Weekend

For the '80s, the group will do tributes to the band Queen and Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

"They are going through a timeline," Ms. Smith said. "(they will perform) Michael Jackson and they are doing some Van Halen. It is going to be a great show. It is very entertaining. You don't have to bring a lot of brainpower to it. It is going to be a fun night."

Michael Jackson HIStory:

1999 - Michael Jackson's "Thriller (Super Audio)" was released.

2003 - In a BBC broadcast Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson's father, admitted that he whipped Michael with a switch but never beat him.

2004 - Michael Jackson's "The Ultimate Collection" was released. The set contained four audio CDs with 57 singles, album tracks, rarities and previously unreleased recordings, as well as a live concert DVD.

2004 - J. Marc Schaffel filed suit against Michael Jackson for breach of contract. Schaffel was seeking $3 million for unpaid loans, cash advances and producing fees. Schaffel was a former business associate of Jackson.