I got the following message on my facebook...

ood Morning!

My name is Kelly Krumsee and I am an intern for F+W Media. Currently, I am working to put together a special edition, limited release magazine exclusively about Michael Jackson, and I hear that you are a fan!

I am interested to know if there is any sort of contribution you would like to make to this publication. I am specifically looking for information and photographs about Michael Jackson collectibles and memorabilia.

I am looking forward to discussing this great opportunity with you!

You may contact me at the following:

(715)445-4612 ex. 13656

Thank you for your time!


Kelly Krumsee

And here's my reply...

Linda C

Today at 5:59pm


I would love to help you out...but I am a sometime fan. I don't have a lot of collectibles or memorabilia....there are so many other fans out there that have that. I will post this on the MJJC (MJJ Community) board however.