I am really impressed about your forum. It is nice to read from people who are from the US and much nearer than we are in the UK or the rest of Europe.

We are now more than 460 fans from 19 countries, who came together to send a funeral wreath to Michaelīs gravesite as soon as we know where it is going to be.

On the wreath ribbon will be the name of each fan, printed in golden letters. By now the ribbon is 60 cm wide and has a leghth of 5 meteres on both sides...but it could be endless.

We know Michael has so many fans all over the world and everybody is still welcome to join us.

The majority of our participators are from Germany but they have grown to really nice community with all the other fans. Our motto is: We all together, no matter where from, one last time, for Michael.

Michael has so many individual fans, and our vision is to turn this round and make from the "I" a big "WE".

Since Michaelīs death we all became very close and we are supporting each other in this difficult time. Like you do here in this forum. From the idea to send a wreath to Michael as a fare-well present has become a complex Good Bye Event for us.

We are going to create a Book of Memory. In this book will be the poems, thoughts, texts and pictures of the participating fans as well as the pictures of our own wreath ceremony. Everybody will get this book at costs. But it will be also availabele on Amazon on demand. The sales revenue will be donated to an international childrens charity. We are doing this in memory of Michaelīs comitment for children in need.

You will find the name and the origin of everybody who joined us on our website.


We are open for every question you might have, please get in touch with me.