We all need to get together and sign this and make all right....i believe he deserve to be artist but others have there doubts....so we have come together to make a petition and get as many signatures as possible to sign saying they agree with us...so please sign this petition and pass on the link to other mj sites or anywhere else you know ppl will sign.....He deserves this for all the good he did in his life....so mj fans lets get together and kick some but and get this petition going!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL I KNOW YOUR COUNTIN ON US UP THERE!!!! WE LOVE YOU AND WE ARE DOING THIS FOR YOU!!!!! R.I.P

Michael we all loved you dearly and miss you so much, I know your up with the stars now where you shine brightly and we can look up to you as we did before your death...I still cry because i miss you...You will never die in my heart...R.I.P Michael