hmh was playing at the myers shop in sydney australia. Not initially clicking to the song or who it was by. I just knew that I loved it and was enjoying it. still not thinking too much (I was shopping....lols)

My 12yo daughter came up to me to ask if I knew which song they had just played. and she told me it was HMH.

On a different note altogether, my then 11yo didn't 'listen' to all the awful jokes and rumers that immature kids had when MJ passed on. Instead she did her own research and read everything on the net and came to her own conclusion.

I know which way she swung....because she bought a hat like MJ, did her MJ and hat moves PLUS on a project on anyone who has impressed her (politicians, artists, scientists, actresses, sports players dead or alive ) she wrote her piece on MJ and did her speech on MJ.

My son, despite being older is less mature....and still listens to rumors without facts. :-(