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  • Oh how cool ya moved to Sydney! You should have said something sooner. I was just in town like two weeks ago and a couple members of the Aussie thread and I all met up and saw MJ's glove and jacket at the Powerhouse! I wish I would have known :p

    Hahahaha yeah it's hot. It's worse if you are in the western/south western burbs though... it can be 30 in Sydney and 36 out here! Gaaaaaaa! I hate heat! :heat:
    Haha well then... SAY CHEESE!!! :camera:
    You aren't afraid of Santa are you??? :giggle:
    I just got done making a few of the Thanksgiving dishes for tommorrow... I'll be cooking a LOT tommorrow so... makes it a bit easier. The house smells SO good right now! :clapping:

    :woohoo: OMG! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! TY TY TY TY!!!! :woohoo:
    Oh I bet it is SO good too!!!!!!! Totally downloading it immediately!!! :clapping: Thank you!!!! :wub:
    Haha breeeeeeaaaaaaaaathe :p TY for the link, I'm definately going to check it out. I was just so amused and impressed with them!!! :D
    Ahhhhhhhh!! Now I'll know what they are saying!!! :wild: Thanks for the link! All I know is their reactions when they realized that MJ was there was like :wild: Ty!!
    I haven't found a translated version yet, but you almost don't need it. It's hilarious those guys were stunned when MJ walked into the room :D
    Thanks for the help last night it was crazy, shame it was all in vain as the backup fixed it all:doh:
    So I wrote something in our thread after having a few too much to drink last night....big shock! I really need to stop doing that lol. I haven't even gone in that thread today. I can't remember what I wrote but I'm betting money that it's severely sappy or sad. Stupid booze!
    Yeah one of these days I'll have to do a goofy ramble...one thing similar with Aussies and Wisconsinites...both land of the pissheads! :tease:
    Now I, must go try to get ready... as we are going to see a movie at 945 this morning...with a hangover...what a great idea! Oh yeah - It was my idea! :mello:
    Hava good morning and don't freeze!
    I am definately not doing any drunk ramblings on the board!! That really cracked me up that you said that though! We've definately had a few :punk: :clapping:
    Hava good evening :D
    You know... I was thinking we need an Aussie thread too..that was fun posting in what otherwise was a crap thread. Yeah I've heard about summer here... I'm going to bake and fry. Pale to lobster red....probably have heat stroke lol. And then leave in March and go back to the land of snow, ice, sub zero temps and then have no tolerance for it at all! :p
    darn! I was really enjoying that too! When exactly IS spring around here anyhow?? This is my second winter back to back and I'm SO tired of it now....
    I'm doing okay and yeah I think a few people are starting to snap at some of the asshats on here.. I gave up holding my tongue LOL :lol: Who's that in your avatar? :)
    Yep... my internal clock got very screwed up watching the memorial at 3 in the morning...but I'm glad I did.
    Going okay except I am trying to study/learn a 400 page document to pass an exam for a professional certification at the end of the month and I keep getting distracted by, um, legs. Are you on facebook?
    I'm new here so this is my first post to people. I'm a computing lecturer in the UK and also an artist in my spare time. So very happy that MJ is back! Am going to one of the July shows. To celebrate, I just had to do a painting of him, so here it is! (or should it be 'This is It!!')


    Always wanted to do one and now he's back I just had to! Hope you like it, am doing a very limited run of canvas prints and each one will have Swarovski crystals attached to the glove, trouser seam and jacket. So if you want one then feel free, and if not then just let me know what you think. I'm just happy to be here!

    Take care

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