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  • bless you .
    imiss you too.
    its boring :doh
    imsposeto be resting but cant tobe honest.:lol:
    its hard to type baby. i
    yano//? i have to have a lot of rest now .[am naugt ti be online at the moe but
    wanted to get a message her e .
    ty for thinking of me thoug ,:angel:i
    am thinking of you too bro,.. vince i love youu dearly,:give rose:
    its ...
    anyways ..
    thanx you for the hotmail big V .. .:wub:
    i love the picture too ..i got that one from the reccent pic thread too babe ,
    and i had to post it to my profile .becuase...:sigh::mello:
    hows life there ?...
    i miss you bambam ,and i love you too .:huggy:
    we will have to yapp on msn soon ?
    what d'ya saaaaaaaaaaaaaay ?:yes::angel: ....:wild:
    Big V . i loved your commment on janets hair today , [reasons etc].
    some are makin comments which are down right nasty . omg .:(
    ya kno . im tryin to give out rep babe , but it say i gave out to much . so im owe you. :lol:
    hows things my bro :wub: ?
    bambam :wub:..hiya :)hows things ?
    well, thanx you kindly for letting me know babe ...*million of huggs*
    whats the number all about :thinking:
    Hello, may I ask why you chose 144000 to be your name? Are you a Jehovah's Witness?
    vince . i have missed talking to you .
    hope all is well as it can be :yes:. thanx you for accepting my request [im following you too ] .
    Thanks for accepting. I've been liking your posts lately, you make some insightful and interesting comments. :)
    also. theres a um ..photoshop thread. which is cool. theres one where michael is a model , and all sorts , seen that one babe ?:thinking:
    vince , hows things ?
    hope to yapp to you on msn sometime .x


    he repyled ...bless him :happy:
    i could be better ...can you get to msn sometime ?
    im on there now ..

    To celebrate our delisciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiious friend ship .
    im logging on msn now ...the time diff is gay i kno :doh: ahhhhhh .
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