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  • here now bro ?:wub:
    a canyon :lol:
    yes , thats a great way to desrcibe that ..
    ehcooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :shout:
    at least ...i dont think your not online now :lol:
    dont wannt to assume :doh:
    im always invis thes days [going undercover ...sneaky :giggle:
    ty for the sweet message babes,it was very thoughtful :huggy::heart:
    i am on now ...
    your not :sigh:
    hey bro , going to be online later ?, would love to yapppperdoooo again :yes:
    The youtube video I was taklking about in that thread was that Doctor's plea video. I did'nt expect him to to put it on youtube that way.
    vince .
    i am on msn now.:wild:
    ....... your not . :unsure::lol:
    never mind :better: its cool ..
    rest up , or ..i dont kno ..keep do what your doing ,:yes:
    i am here too , wishing you strength .
    im thinking of you babes, today .:heart:
    your not on ..
    we keep missin each other :doh:
    ah here for you in april, v.
    just letting you kno .
    goodnight hun.
    just to say i got your message , thanx you babes :huggy:
    im on msn now ...your not :unsure:
    miss you bro ,
    I just want you to know; I totally support you. There is only so much I can say before being kicked off of here. The only reason why I still post here is to support people like you. I would pm you but that has been taken away from me. I am very saddened by what is going on here. This will probably the last time you here from me. I am claiming defeat. They have won. They have divided the fans on almost all fansites. Some sites have gone down or on the verge of going down. I will miss u and ur rational words.
    hi big V . babe .
    yes...well im not at home ya see. so ..i cant be on herre for long , tis a countdown .
    how are you ...

    if we dont like the peporoni then we an throw it about :wild:
    and have a food fight ..
    im glad you are ordering babe , ..i washed my hair a while ago and its still dripping down my back ,i dont want to be anywhere near a bloody phone ..:doh: omg wendi .
    *goes to my purse and gets money for yummy pizza *:wild:
    my treat , my treat .
    ...brown suger ?
    well thats healthy ..somewhat :thinking:
    its white cane suger thats makes peeps skippeeeeedeeeedooodah...... :wild:
    i fancy pizza right about now bro ..we should order .:yes:.
    my treat . [for being so boring and whiny and yahhhadaaayahhhdahhhya] online .
    good,:yes: cool..heres it ..:coffee::cheers:
    and loads of suger , me thinks..
    me being whiny online ..yappy ..and all that ...gets on peoples nerves its awkward ..., i wouldnt want to come across like that ,but i spose its alright once :unsure:
    meh .
    drink up bro .:huggy::angel:
    and to have even bloody games taken away :unsure:
    its like no, plz .god no ...:lol: arghhh ..:doh:
    *huggs to you *
    im being soooover dramamtic :doh:
    just sensative ,.... thanx for putting up with my ugh ...yapps babe .
    i hate the person ive become :(
    sorry ...
    thanx big V .
    its the way they phrased it "death of"
    like us everyone i am just sensative at the moe , :sigh: .
    its easy to slip .and i should be stronger i kno ..i kno ..but
    so sad.sometimes..
    thanx you babe for your support and love .im here too vince , kay .
    thanx for thinking of me .
    they are getting rid of games consoles ? reading and it will al be downloads and shit . nothing is solid anymore :(((((((
    i miss you babe , how are ya ?
    im feeli like poo, still :unsure:
    we miss him vince :weeping: theres nothing to look forward to , ah ..
    noone to look up to , or love ....:weeping: never.again .,:no:
    yes .we will always yapp , no doubt on that .
    *does that stick- like- glue thing to you* :doh:
    take care big v. k ,..truly .:huggy:
    take care babyboy , have a good , productive week , and i love when we go craziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :lol:
    take care bro :huggy:
    :giggle: yahooo is poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    had to type that one :doh::lol:
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