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  • yesyes yes i agree my little dooooooooooogle bug ......cor, vince your so brainy how do you think of these tings . :lol: .............................. you always talk sense the most ..........:yep: and michaels our superheroe
    hes gonna save the world of music :wub: 2009 here we come !!!!!!!!11
    gives vince a mask of zorro and we will zorro about on our horses and stuff *
    eatin pizzzzzzahhhhhhhhhhh <of corse !

    hello babes , hows you :wub:
    hey mom change her mind :yes:

    hey there is croatia singer that his song call "Emilia" :yes: :jump:
    hey :lol:
    i'm going to send you christmas card this weekend :yes: i'm look through my homemade christmas cards to pick one to send it to you :yes: ;)

    i was thinking to send a christmas card to Michael Jackson too :yes:
    i ask my mom it o.k again and she says is o.k know why cause your name is vice that why :lol: i laugh at my mom when she say it
    i know i know i shouldn't ask you this but this for my saft how old are you just asking :)

    did you have good thanksgiving :) when i'm sending you a christmas cared do you like me to pack snow for you :toofunny:
    boy..i can see why soo many people are fascinated with MJ...partly because of the
    Lol, you're mad. :D

    I wouldn't be pissed if SOMEONE told me, what the hell it was?!

    This is what I was told. It is a Hebrew word with various meanings. It is often used as a musical term meaning "breath" as in a musical pause or break. The oldest possible meaning for it, I was told, is "forever" which had great meaning to me. It also was said to mean "sit quietly and think about it"; I guess you could also say "contemplate". Her name really suits her I think. Something I didn't know when she was born, obviously, was that she is actually a very musical girl. She had the most amazing voice I'd ever heard when she was 10. She stopped singing for a few years so it is lacking what it used to have and be, but it's still in her and could be picked up with some work I think.
    and when michael has been victorious ....i challege vincyboy to a yummy pizzahhhhhhhhhhh fight weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    *ok ..gets as much rest asshe can *:unsure:xx
    interchangeable food ~:lol: that was hillaruios
    yes we will take a cooking tip from michael :wub:
    *scoffs face*
    and some tacos ,,,salad .....xtra cheeesyy .natchos .......and spicyyyy chicken wings i made .....:lol: um :mello:..maybe not :doh:cooking is grossssssss:bugeyed
    buys vince yummy KFC instead :yes::wild: :D

    ah ,try to get some rest tonight Big V , we shall all remain strong .
    *huggs tightly *thanx you babe
    leaves you a gooooooooooooooooooooey sticky cake and a brand new ps3 with love :wub:
    nooooooooooooooo :lol:
    sadly , and my daughters are ill babe , so no , but im sure michael has sooooooooooooo much surrport already ~they are coming in by the sweet ~dozens :wub:
    hows you vince *squuuueeeeeeezze *are you able to make it ?
    vInceeeeeeeeeeeeee hi babe , how are you ? thanx you so , so , much for quoting my words and the lovely rep call out thing , aww, you didnt have to but thanx you .....* hugggs ~sqquuuuuuueeeeeezy ~tight ~ ones *
    your so sweet vince , ~sending you love & respect & support ~fan to fan .
    Thank you so much for your prayers and support.They mean the world to me

    sending you love ~huggs~ and candy buggs Big V . :wub:
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