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  • "i kind of get weary"

    :better::i will try and be some of your strength babe (((huggs)))
    i'm here hun. sometimes i just listen. ****HUGS**** i kind of get weary of so many opportunists writing books and things to make money off MJ's name. somtimes i just want to buy his music.
    hello babe
    hows ya ?
    i hope the weeks been alright for you .
    you will join my wub revolution wont you ?:thinking: i miss ya..might be on later ?

    vince what is that um theres this ..hold on . il just link us .
    awwww. you realy have a way with words babe :wub::weeping: yes .
    this communiation is key .
    i miss you vince .
    aw mate ,THANX YOU so much :huggy:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugggggs)))))))))))))))))))))
    for being here .i realy do ,(((huggs)))) realy do appriicate you, your friendship,our talks, trust ,everything babe..:flowers:
    fucking thing i cant bloody belive it :doh:, fancty it doingat that moement .the bast, ..talk about sods law.
    i miss you and i fucks sake i just wanna yapp to you ,sod law make it fuking impossible sometimes argh ffs.
    come back vince . im here for a bit ok . please pm me more as i have cleaned out the effing mail ffs .sorry :(
    now youve buggered off :(
    of all the effing times the bloody pm thing aint pissin full and the bloody moment
    i fucking need the effing **** ,it fucking gets full up ffs. its sods law :(
    i sent you emails too "explianing " ..no videos though just wendi text :) lol , did you recivve them
    by the way..ur pm has exceeded its limit, apparently.lol. i was unable to send u a pm:huggy:
    i may have gone overboard on the emails babe which i hope you will be able to axcess , have sent to recent adress.so i may have gone overbord right,:huggy: but i am passionate about today and reccent findings ,yes i kno im slow but i tend to get there in the end with things , anyway i hope you reply to me one way or another
    love you big v .
    this is the nicest thing i have ever had anyone say to me since all the time ive been here so , ty babe
    i am very very blessed also . and i kno that.
    *mashy huggs:huggy: and love*
    love vince , :heart: and peace.:dove:
    he is right .love IS important. its not fluff stuff .
    :huggy: let me refrasaze that MY Great friend .ah, ty for being so cool babe.:huggy:honetsly ... love you . sorry ..i dont spk so much at times babe , i do mean to spk, to you -.jst that sometimes i cant, i had a shitters day yesatday and i didnt wanna leave um crappy moaning commets on here , but i feel ..im alright today .im not strong , i just remain okay .i remain ok..i am happier i have got hope and i have been smiling now and then a bit ..not much . a bit ..im not going to overdoit lol . how are you being babe ?
    ily too.vince i need to talk man ah .can i send you a pm still ...**** it im sending one ily.x
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