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  • i may have gone overboard on the emails babe which i hope you will be able to axcess , have sent to recent adress.so i may have gone overbord right,:huggy: but i am passionate about today and reccent findings ,yes i kno im slow but i tend to get there in the end with things , anyway i hope you reply to me one way or another
    love you big v .
    this is the nicest thing i have ever had anyone say to me since all the time ive been here so , ty babe
    i am very very blessed also . and i kno that.
    *mashy huggs:huggy: and love*
    love vince , :heart: and peace.:dove:
    he is right .love IS important. its not fluff stuff .
    :huggy: let me refrasaze that MY Great friend .ah, ty for being so cool babe.:huggy:honetsly ... love you . sorry ..i dont spk so much at times babe , i do mean to spk, to you -.jst that sometimes i cant, i had a shitters day yesatday and i didnt wanna leave um crappy moaning commets on here , but i feel ..im alright today .im not strong , i just remain okay .i remain ok..i am happier i have got hope and i have been smiling now and then a bit ..not much . a bit ..im not going to overdoit lol . how are you being babe ?
    ily too.vince i need to talk man ah .can i send you a pm still ...**** it im sending one ily.x
    AM here till 12 am .naomi p. has tonsilitus . so am up and no school tomorow . please be online vince ,i realy miss you.
    no, v.:( msn cant be down i need you .are you here now .online now ? ty for hugging me babbe x ((((((((huggs)))))))) OF COURSE IM HERE FOR YOU WE NEED TO TALK AH ......
    baby :angel:you replyed.ty ...vince ,iyts been.....god, kno im thinking of you .:(:better:im picking my gals up in a moe but i..jesus .needed to commincate with you ...it pains me to kno your not holding up too.:better:do you think youl ever go on msn at some point .admittedly when im online i have been reading another place ...and their emails gave me hope can i send them on ..or...well just a pm just copytexting you the hope. been on there most this week . guy,um....and msn ...man i realy need a chat with youuuuuu .this week has been soo awful hasnt it .:no: i.. im just im ..idk...im . failing .a big faliure and im such a bad gal .every day is diffrent and i cant cope much either baby idk . can i pm ya still my beautiful friend ..i..sorry :weeping: .:( ah ..shit i want huggs more please:( ((((((( hugging you )))))))))
    its bloody nice to see you too v, no.. i wouldnt disregard anything you had to say to me .its important .just kno i am here for you.:huggy::better:
    i love ya guy .im feeling failrly strong ttoday ..fairly.they never got me yesterday. we nver got duped. i spent money on HIS work and the gals teachers xmas presents .cuz i kno the truth will preveil soon.man come online.
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