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  • AM here till 12 am .naomi p. has tonsilitus . so am up and no school tomorow . please be online vince ,i realy miss you.
    no, v.:( msn cant be down i need you .are you here now .online now ? ty for hugging me babbe x ((((((((huggs)))))))) OF COURSE IM HERE FOR YOU WE NEED TO TALK AH ......
    baby :angel:you replyed.ty ...vince ,iyts been.....god, kno im thinking of you .:(:better:im picking my gals up in a moe but i..jesus .needed to commincate with you pains me to kno your not holding up too.:better:do you think youl ever go on msn at some point .admittedly when im online i have been reading another place ...and their emails gave me hope can i send them on ..or...well just a pm just copytexting you the hope. been on there most this week . guy,um....and msn i realy need a chat with youuuuuu .this week has been soo awful hasnt it .:no: i.. im just im . failing .a big faliure and im such a bad gal .every day is diffrent and i cant cope much either baby idk . can i pm ya still my beautiful friend ..i..sorry :weeping: .:( ah ..shit i want huggs more please:( ((((((( hugging you )))))))))
    its bloody nice to see you too v, no.. i wouldnt disregard anything you had to say to me .its important .just kno i am here for you.:huggy::better:
    i love ya guy .im feeling failrly strong ttoday ..fairly.they never got me yesterday. we nver got duped. i spent money on HIS work and the gals teachers xmas presents .cuz i kno the truth will preveil come online.
    its scary...its... i wish you wrer online ,...Big V ....I FEEL NUMB ALSO oops capitals am on a nb so i will send you huggs :huggy: realy uncomprehenable...feel always you can say anything to me babes ,anything ok...yes they are ok.i im not ,not realy .ily babbes .and i feel this thing is bigger than all of us...idk
    oooh vince,i just want this all to are you huggs, hugging you...ty for the pm so choked coulsdnt response.i hope your ok v,
    T.O.Y. playing, laughin , dancing with me . you kno 13 copys is a cool number i like that .ooo..the download thing i cant master Big bootiful V ..i am flapped there ,lol ...congrats on the award babes ,you absolutley deserve it ....absolutley.:huggy::number_1: :praying: :yes: and there will be many more was your day/night ...its night there now ?so you might be snoozin?.be doing >:sleeping: lol...imnot eating :puke:.i didnt get much slep ,i didnt oh dear vince, i dont feel too good as i type lol. i hope you are doing better thann me ,plz have a nice night any chance for chattin soon maybe, ? xx
    v. hiiii:happy:
    i keep doin 777 but i dont kno how to get it to 100 :thinking:
    i miss you babe
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