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  • hiiiiya babes!:huggy: how r u ? i have two confessions ...konfession one -:blush:im a bit addictied to mjjc ,.......:thinking: its their holiday at the moe babes ,so i am running round freely on here for the time being ....but i miss your presence .i am lonely .truth is,i miss you ...i hope we can get to talking 'gain sometime, :thinking:id like that alot ...would you ?. ..yay ,t'weekend again sooon . ...and that sweeeeet smiley :lol: is in the control pannel sweeeet boy,:wild:i wanna be your sweeeeet sistaaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaal.:wild:....think i qualifie..or?:unsure: maybe im still not sweeeet enough lol .(im not as sweet as you though inspired me to put what i have now put in my siggy)...sorry il stop being silly lol..why does it always ryme when i yapp at you.:huh:.ah and um..... just one more till 100,! sweeeeeeeeet bro:flowers:
    :thinking:i appreicate l.o.v.e when im around you ..ty..:praying:goodnight /evening babes :victory::wub::praying::sleeping: x
    :yes: ty.......:huggy:me too man, :blush:that was realy clever n' cool and sweet. .t..o.y T.O.Y.t.o.y.
    think that pic might be on that new album vince?...i realy do love your siggy . thanxs for leaving me a message last night .it made me happy. are you doing babbes...its all goood ? :happy:
    hey V ...i realy like how you talk..(just had ta let you kno) its like i can hear it through text sort of ...annnnd i have to go to bed babes:doh: its 3 15., i am up , and idk what is up with me tonight well....,goodnight and sweet dreams when its your turn , lol lmbo xx
    love you too big v avvys sort of match a bit lol .:blush:.i took a look closer at yours i thought ooo thats dreams. and hes wearingt that buncha sparkles...bugger me ,its a sparkley top.(i kno this shoot is called silver hand .but i nicknamed it dreams ) um...did you see my 777 2 u :unsure:
    ok...its 7.and i still didnt leave:doh:
    too much to see on here
    now, i better go go...hugehuggsforyou
    cant ya tell i miss you .
    oh, regardin' in the reccent thing which happened ...the names... um the convo example sent to you between me and idk.. "it" lol that name i used,.. is just for fictonal purposes.i didnt mean to confuse or whatever {i tend to write sometimes there so thats why it gets changed a few times }

    hiya babe :huggy: this one ...does it work ?
    its theeeeeeeeeee purpleeeeeeeeee threeeeeeeeead weeeeeeeeeeeeee:wild:
    ah ty for the comment ,although, upon logging was a complete shocksurprise to me :angel::unsure:.i dont deserve it as much as some people
    u will get yours too,soon :yes: >.:number_1:

    have a blessed day babe thinking of you.:gift:
    enjoying the pizza very much :lol:...and um my week was alright babes ,i love our convo .. we talk alot ,no wonder im sortastraight-smilin' these days ...i hope your sort of smiling too,:better:...oh, the purple thread is in my posts babes , have a snout in them ,honeslty ..its hi v:wild::waving:(im shy)xxxxx
    hey hey :happy:eek:h that avvy is so stunning, i realy enjoyed our pms and hearing from you again x
    And a smile .ily babe.
    when you get a sec next time vince please come to that purple thread theresthis purple thread.....i would like you to snout around in wont let me do linkage so its in the pictures sections .just have a little look .ah its being a poohoo still is it,yahoo? turned german on me the other day ...:unsure: im glad that things seem to be okay here though.:thinking:any chance you might do msn sometime in the future again ? its realy needed you think?x how many question does a curious yet eager wendi ask ...too many .lol..:giggle: many copies of michaels work invincible do you own ?i have the blue and the silver cd have all of the pieces , babe right ? just listening to him now :wub:surrouuuuuuuuuuuund sounnnnnnnnnnd! just like lightmagic hes everywhere :girl_in_love: :cool:
    i love when we talk.when you annswer me .i love coming here and seeing any reply from you . makes me smile babes .i undertsnaad dont worry about times and i kno we all havve offlinelife thatts fine darlin. mjj magick:heart: aw i keep thinking about him .i too, miss him so much my mum got me a little wooly michael doll cos been a bit stressed .so hes hanging on my,:thinking: right ..i frame the front lovley cover to L'umo .yeah i didnt spell that right did i .ha ...thats a toughie, that one.anyway ..hes hanging up my frame lummmmmmnommmooooooooooo piccy awww...the say .um but its not with meeeee.its with youuuuuuuuu ..but you kno, it dooes surround us both .yeah ...i love your words .im gettin all speeeeeeeeeeeeeechless now..gotta give this jabbertrappa a rest .:doh:cos i would go on and on and on and on ha!:wild:...hows your week being ?
    um...... did you.......:thinking: wannt to say anything at 3.12 on the msgs ?:huggy::praying:..i kno thats sounds intrustve through text but........ and i dont mean it to come out that way ..but ..maybe ......yourjust enjoyin that yummmmmmmmiiii pizzah tooo much big V :wild:, or .i knew it ...hes had enough of my yappin about:wild::doh: :lol: ha..haaa :huggy: nosey cow innit !be like...for flappps sake wendi shut up haaha.,..sorry vince babe lol......this is me ok ,your getting the real me omg wonderful for you :doh:....:bugeyed..................ah....come online :D miss you truly:heart: .
    V , :thinking:i plan to be here online today for a few hours. and...thurs night which might be your afternoon and your wens ? like 7pm ..and .:doh:right ..let me just say i plan to be online here every night from thursady okay.maybe can meet up here and go round the board together .weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!..:wild:...nah
    mj magic always with us ...ah ..with you around it is. yeah word things so , so beauutifully. and...actully the big dude /dudette upstairs deprived ME ," there should be more of YOU babes ..and im certaiin that"...sorry:blush: thats a mind mix there lol ...just my thoughtts mixin with yours i spose.:unsure:.oh yaaa will have one with me ?:wild:brilliant. ty...*cheers with that cuppa* us.>:cheers:. :heart: .all my love- sharyn.
    i kno the time thang is pooo isnt it .:lol: but this is a fully fledged friendship so we both understand ,each other and im blessed to have that.i so glad to kno you vince.i tryed yahoo ,i left a coupel offlines babbes last night when i got to the other comp, dont kno if it worked ...actully...your right with that right. that natureal high thing it will alwways be there yeah..i nevr thought it like that vince ...yeah thats bloody comforting ..yeah they cant ever takke it away can they ..hmmmm .oh your words made me ..:thinking: think...yeah and .they touched me reading i am crying at the moe ..i want you to kno you are never alone in any dept. ...nope. i wont let it. your too wonderful . buys you :wild::pizza: !lol....op. attract,yeah they do...:blush:.i like the way you think.....and your accent i can hear it .and i like it.i love your text .i love you.:agree:
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