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  • oh dear vince... im missing him very bad i feel a bit eek and weak today :unsure: i hope your ok, ive been sitting in silence when im on the writin mode. i ned to get muisc on dont i :music:...time for a cuppa i think. are you down ?:cheers:
    the pizzah smiley came out ha!.....i miss you ..might you be about some night this week maybe ?:thinking:
    aw...thanxyou babe ...your a wonderful big bro too, big v :heart: thanxyou. i adore those pictures so much ,realy feel comfort in them ,though today i feel a bit sad , just mood think its the weather change a bit ..annnnd the coming off from the natureal high ,i just get exchusted from that ..this makes me sound stupid ,but i can get high just looking at ...you see that art did it fr me ...it is magical.it is..everythingg abbout him....ooh the pizzza cold..:pizza: um...no hah funny enough , no i havnt ..and im blessed that you wanna let me try some :wub::flowers:..got to pre cooked first haaaa it made me laugh.
    i alays end up tellin ya stuff..... you prolly go like omg wtf she on about :wft: :lol: im sory about it .. you get the essensce of me ..er i get excited and im very emo ya kno ?..sayin tthat ...i miss ya ...im here for a..... um untill 12...one..two ish . im skippin lunch.i have to go and see my girls teachers today .
    i couldnt restt ..but it was a good "couldnt rest "a productive one for the soul and the mind and jjst .im itchy. in a wold of fantasty vince... it just sparked me off ....soz always end up gettin emo on your profile! omg..yeah..and its true i havebeen a bit busy during last wee, did it show lol..ty babe for your pm.. i loved it ....i hope we can chat soon.. can we ? x:blush:
    last night ,,those art pics/works spaced me out vince. so bloody much lol...so much :lol: peoples coments towards the end moved me cronickly... and when i was bathing the girls like in realtime.... the ..even the bubbles in the water....all shapes...how they shimmerd and how they burst reminded me of the pic i had seen. and i cryed, and "n". goes "mmmy why are you cryin. sposed to be washing us ".and her innocence ...it just matched with ....i mean it could go soooo deep with that picture.think when it comes to mjj there is no boundries ..noo boundries ..thats what i love .no boundries...no bloody rules..seeing a pic can take you...gives you mind expantion..im editing cos i have got sligtly mor things to say .i sat and wrote all night ..akll night just...complelty just go.argh.expand it just flowed...
    good answer :wild: haaa...aw...dya think ?...realy though ? :blush:.never get tierd of my yappppping ?:mello: eevr.....:thinking: ever ?:giggle: ................:scratch:..........wowserz :unsure:...:wub:.awww.....your heart vince, is warm .:yes:..:heart:....your coool .:punk:
    .k, since signing on here seems .ive got three fav pieces of art/comfort now:mello: .threeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:wild:.well it was red curtain...then "in black".now its the glittery pic which , i think is called "sequins", vince .but .im not too sure bout titles cos ive only just chked the thread ..it seem to get updated alot:wub: ..ah ...have you seen it ? michael never fails to surprise .. :wub:.

    the last pic i called sequins ..its called silver hand i think :mello::angel: il be online for a while babes:wub:
    i .....look forawd to yappin soon, hopefully babe .take care now,for now .... .gotta skip.:wild::kissing4::wildkissssin::blush::propa_snog-ery: :lickkiss: :damngirlcalmit!kiss::helikesmykisskiss?:::kissssssssssskissssssssmore::woahkillerkiss:.:kisssingsnoggginweeeeeeeeeeee!!!!: .:unsure: um......*pokes you*.-grins-:D.is she pushin it ?:bugeyedlol,:wild::punk::dont_mention_it: lmao! take care babe :angel::wub:xx
    however,if you dont want me to sit there,or you think that action is a bit silly or too brazen... you can just push me off or tell me off :zippit:...:lol:.. il be cool about it . haha..:lol:....:wub:
    im a yappy gobby little madam at times ...but you always,alays always, make me go.mello...and then weeeeeeeeeeee and .:blush:and stuffs:wild: is it silly ? lol.......eeeeekkk soz l:doh::blush: lol.*sits on your knee*right,.tell me what you think of michaels red curtain work,when you havve a moe, babe :yes::huggy: i wish you a great day ahead Vince,babes.*huggs forevermore*
    your response at 3.17 .makes me wanna :huggy::wub: you...you always manage to make me feel... idk..ha..:blush:
    i have my eye on one of those pictures from the r.c.shooot. i hope to get a little frame today and print out that one and frame it,this i gotta doo.:heart: .V i herd that song again today :music:and thought of you :yes:. hows the computer.i hope its alright.msn is wacking up alot, i find that with this NB.though i have herd other people say msn is being dopey.V il be on here for a while anyway, i hope wherever you are ,whatever your doing ,that your ok.miss you .
    ;:happy: ty Big V ..er...looks to me as art, realy artsy and creative. they pin it from 1999,michael did alot of work/shoots and these are the outcome witch never seen before?..to me more exciting than the sony vison project :shrug:,um..babe it should be on the "pictures from 99 up for auction "thread vince, or look in my posts i commented quick last night ,impressed ...i loved red curtainshoot. michaellooked fierce :heart:yeah...so just look in my posts,if it makes it finding it easier,theres an influx of thread-ery at the moe guy haha... um sooo.....sequins and embriodery pictures next,:yes: i read.....LOL at us always keep missing one another , hows your week been baby, hugging you tight *
    V :waving: heyy heyy ....how are you ?...you came across my mind alot today ,i sytil cannot ...cannot answer your recent cool message :blush:...i just cant find the words realy. its like being in the ring and you KOed me very much :doh:..:lol: ...so,....so...um..... and im not being lazy ...i wanna get the link:( ...and post here....but i know your comp. might have trouble with such things so ..just ,.......well..when you next listen to music ...i want you to listen to one of neyos songs um....the lyrics ....listen to the lyrics in..." one in a million" ,and i wnt to dediciate that song to you, cos ....most the lyrics ring true ...because,:blush: and...... (without being tacky) ...vince, YOU are truly ,truly ..truly ..TRULY one in a million ...or 144,000...or any number realy .:huggy: you are .and im certain of it. :angel:
    oh...Big V ,imglad you wernt confizzled lol ......i....you kno its *whispers*:huggy:going to take egons for meeee to answer your message ..this one...you:huggy: realy totaly argh...get me lol...:blush:and you put me in a miiiiiilon ways of speechlessness .im....il answer , i will, ...just give me time . oh god ...im so touched ah.:cry::huggy:...
    i prolly wrote alot that time ...:doh:i didnt mean to confuse you, sweet boy . xx ty for the thing .:huggy:..answering now,
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