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  • happy birthday Charlie... i'm sending all my best wishes to you. i hope life always show its best smile to you... L.O.V.E.
    You're welcome charlie ^_^
    oh making some macros ?? I would love too but I dont think I could becoz my english is terrible :(
    btw, have a nice day :)
    It's okay :) There's no need to be sorry caused I should have download it earlier :(
    Hehe. I'll be so happy for another surprise another time ^_^ Thanks again Charlie. I like your macros. Keep that up :hug:
    Charlie, the file is gone or I have to register to download the file ?
    I should have download it earlier :no: If there's no way to retrieve the link I still have the picture :wub:Thanks again Charlie. I appreciate all you did :)
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)
    omg, haha that's so cute. Thanks so much for the little gift and I really really love it ^_^ . The whole thing brightened my mood instantly. I havent got a speaker on this computer I'm using so I cant listen to what Mike said :( I'll do it at home :D

    Charlie, I hope you have very nice day and the days to come :) :hug:
    Awww thank you!!
    Feels good to be back in the macro thread!! Really it does!!! :D :D
    hello charlie *waves*
    thank you so much :)
    I'm loving all your great macros. They cheered me up whenever I'm down !
    I hope you have a nice day and sending you a big L.O.V.E ^_^
    Charlie! :huggy:

    Where did you go? I saw you sign onto MSN then sign off right after. :( It's happened to one other person so I think MSN is acting up but not sure.
    Moon's laptop connection = crap.

    ^^ You know that equation very well and that is why I left MSN and never came back. I'm Sorry:( :huggy: I'll talk to you tomorrow, hopefully.
    well that's between Goofballs & Ditwits
    Schmucks be :number_1:
    let the Ditwits & Goofballs fight over the :number_2: & :number_3:
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