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  • Yeh i love that part, it funny. But my fave part of the outtakes is when the chinise cook guy goes '' you forgot to pay!'' , then chris goes '' you forgot to clean the food! food anit no good..keep it for yourself! we're suing you!''. And while that is happening mike is laughing like crazy! :lmao:
    I love the TWUMMF clip...its one of my fave clip from mj. But ''rock my world'' clip is my fave all time mj clip, mj & chris tucker r awesome in it. They make me laugh lol
    Im pretty sure i used to have that on video cassette tape but i think i accicdently left it at my dads old house where he used 2 live.

    But i dont really wanna get the history part 1 dvd though, it just has all the old classic songs on it. And i pretty much haven them all anyway! lol
    lol if i was mike, i would have grabbed a guitar and had a guitar playing competion with slash! :lol: okay let me theres :eek:n side one of the dvd: 1. program start 2.teaser 3.bille jean- motown 25 special4. beat it 5.liberian girl 6. smooth criminal 7.1995 mtv video music performance 8.thiller :side2: 1. scream 2.childhood are not alone 4. earth song 5.they dont care bout us 6. stranger in moscow 7. blood on the dance floor 8. brace yourself
    lol i wish i could watch the performance again and again and again :lol:

    Its very accdictive!!........and omg slash thought he was gonna play his guitar all night!! :lol:

    Would have loved it if mj came up 2 him and said " hey slash....u still goin???!!!"

    i have finally watched the dvd!!!..simply amazing!! :)

    And the mtv performance....INCREDIBLE!!!!! :wild: :wild:
    Yeh im good thanks

    i brought the History part 2 dvd today..i cant wait to watch it :)
    Well my mum and i go to play bingo during the week
    and that where i've been having the smile on my face!
    Everyone there thinks i've won the jackpot or somethin!....i wish! :lol:
    Yes they certainly do, cuz throughout the day today all i have been doing is having a stupid BIG smile on my face, and everybody around me has been looking at me like .."what the"??? :blink: lol
    Lol i went 2 bed at 11:30, hoping id sleep good. But noooooo the darn curls just had 2 keep on creeping up in my mind!!!! CURSE ON THE CURLS CURSE ON THE seriously I LOVE THE CURLS! ;) :p :D
    Just stopping by, I think we are going to the concert at the same date :) July 16th. Cool! :) Looking forward?
    Watz good Charlie, Nice 2 meet you. OMG I'm sooo jealous that ur going to the Concert...I wish I could go. But Have Fun, and Kiss Mike 4 me. lol...
    Hey Charlie, ur also going to see mj in concert too? same here on the 14th july, can't wait.
    Just checking to see if you got your order.... I've waited 5 weeks now and still have not recieved mine.
    No Problem. I am glad you enjoyed it. It's a great movie lol. They also have a comic book for it too. But I never got it lol.
    Hahaha Thats cool! I had to ask my mom too when I first fell for MJ and his beautiful music. She told me in 1986 when they took me to Disneyland. I saw Captain EO there for the first time and really never looked back. I remember when it was playing at Disneyland, I would make my whole family watch it every time we went. Twice even lol.
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