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  • Hi! I was thinking.... :unsure: Is there any chance that you could change your signature to something new that works on the forum, so that we don't have that enormous Tiny Pic sad face at the bottom of all of your posts? LOL Just an idea.
    I don't know how to do it
    Hey yourself :hellooo: Thanks for asking. I've been super busy with Christmas, that's all : ) Still am very busy. I just had to log in for a little while now.
    Hope you have a good holiday season. Cheers
    Thank you for your kind words. I am however sorry to hear about your sleeping issues. Hope it will get better.

    As for Michael and his problems.......I too wish he would have gotten the help he needed in order to solve them, at least the major ones.
    I actually love winter a lot, but I like all the seasons. It just seems I have a far greater tolerance to heat than many around me lol. I don't need A/C anywhere near as much as others.

    I'm doin' ok right now, but I must admit that last night I had another brutal episode of cryin' because of yet another terrible anniversary - on July 13th 2009 I was supposed to be in London and see him. As you can imagine, a lot of thoughts came about - what could have and should have been......Hopefully, I won't be stormed by such thoughts again till late August, hopefully.....but I got no guarantees.

    You take care. God bless!
    Good to hear you are ok. Considerin' that up here, in the North it's the hot season, obviously for you guys it's winter-time :doh: how silly can I be? lol

    You take care and stay warm. See ya around : )
    Heyyyy there, Usher-girl :hellooo: I'm doin' fine, thanks for asking. I must admit that Tuesday evening was somewhat brutal with a rather extended crying session, but overall I'm ok. It's just that I feel the need to be a bit discreet right about now. But I do stop by every now and then and I only post when I feel I really need to say somethin'. I just did a lil' 'research' and it turns out I've had a total of 5 posts in the month of June, so far : ) I'll probably add a couple more or so by the time the month ends.

    You take care there, in the land of down under, ok? How's your weather btw? Over here, in Europe, it's super hot already. I dread to think what July and August will be like, if it's this hot already.

    Enjoy the weekend. Cheers *waves again*

    P.S. I'm glad you liked the birthday wishes back in May. Do try and make the best of things every day, not just on the special occasions. Although it's a bit difficult at times, I know......
    :hiv1: there b-day girl,

    I know that in the land down under your birthday already passed, but I only checked the board half an hour ago. Hope you had a good one. And I hope you enjoy Nutella lol

    And if you don't, then I hope you had some other tasty treat.


    Blessings to you, now and always.

    And again......:birthday:
    Loving your MJ signature ❤️
    I meant this pic, which didn't showed up.

    When you open up the pic, the complete address contains the name of the picture from the initial site. What i highlighted in blue. Hope this picture also shows up.

    I am pretty sure that it is indeed art work from the Opus book. In any case, it is beautiful. Glad you also enjoyed Baby be mine. It truly is a sweet tune :)

    Stay safe and keep away from all that sun and heat you are having down under.
    The seminars are really good. Probably one of the best experiences for fans, actually. Very good value, too. I've been great. Busy, of course, with work and family, but it's a good busy, you know?
    Awesome! You definitely should try to go. It's one of the best things that fans can do, I reckon.
    I'm well, yes! I am friends with some other MJ fans in Melbourne, who usually hang out on the Michael Jackson Australia Facebook page. We've had meet-ups before, to do MJ-related things.....the main two being a Dangerous 25 dance party (in Melbourne) and Brad Sundberg's "In the Studio with MJ " seminar/workshop (that was in Sydney and we travelled there, from our respective cities). We will probably be seeing each other again in one of the capital cities, when Brad returns in January 2019, to do another seminar.
    Hey!! I've been super busy, lately, but I'll be around more, over the weekend. I run/administrate/moderate a couple of FB pages as well as here. So, I forgot to ask what part of Oz you're from - I'm in Brisbane. :)
    Saw your post in the Make a wish thread and wanted to say sorry. I hope you'll find your dogs soon. I'm pretty sure it won't be of much consolation, but we've had a beautiful kitten return most unexpectedly after being gone for 4/5 months. We had long given up on him being still alive and at one point he just popped out of nowhere :) Hopefully, it won't take your dogs anywhere near as much time to find their way back or be found.
    Hi girl
    The doctor did nothing! :banghead: he just said to keep going with my medication but i dont think these meds are working. Today i dont feel too bad just very tired & overwhelmed
    Hope u enjoy the weekend too
    Hope the doctor could do something for you yesterday, I really hope so . Nice to know you liked the little nickname I gave ya LOL. You take care and try to enjoy the weekend :)
    Well i am going to hit this bed my eyes are so tried and with it raning today that didn't help i got caught in the rain today. You have a good evening see you later.

    love you more
    My room is not that big either but will make room for MJ.
    I just want to see the look on my family face when their see. Their already think i am crazy.
    You know it doesn't take me long.
    I love your Avatar i am going to get one of those MJ standUp i am going to put it in my room so i can just look at Michael my brother.
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