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  • Well i am going to hit this bed my eyes are so tried and with it raning today that didn't help i got caught in the rain today. You have a good evening see you later.

    love you more
    My room is not that big either but will make room for MJ.
    I just want to see the look on my family face when their see. Their already think i am crazy.
    You know it doesn't take me long.
    I love your Avatar i am going to get one of those MJ standUp i am going to put it in my room so i can just look at Michael my brother.
    :girl_karaoke: Happpy Biiiiiiiiiirthday tooooo youuuuu !!! :girl_karaoke: :girl_karaoke:

    I wish you a wonderful day dear :cheers:
    That's okay I was just replying to an email anyway so it wasn't as if I was just sitting here waiting for you to reply, :yes: I can do that although I won't be able to do it till tomorrow as mum and dad are asleep but I will ask her 1st thing in the morning and then I will text you the name of it. aww :huggy: I don't blame you for not wanting to go back especially having a step - dad like yours but then again I guess all good things have to come to an end eventually whether we want them to or not.
    I was just mucking around today to see if I could do them seen as like I said last night of facebook no one wants to help and they turned out all right so I've got to get up early Saturday morning and make sure 32 are neatly folded the best I can do them...

    Aww :huggy: I know what its like to get bitten, I'm allergic to mozzies so when I get bitten I automatically start scratching and where ever the area that has been attacked it gets lumpy and hot, but mum has this special cream not sure of the name of it but its especially for mozzie bites and it takes the itch out of it straight away.
    :yes: that's why you can't see me, I don't want people to know that I'm online..... I just told her all the dirt on had on him about him chatting up other girls and just a few other things that I don't really want to mention, but she came to the decision herself that she's not happy and hasn't been for a while so as soon as she sees our lawyer and find out how the process goes his gone
    :hysterical: that's because I'm just SO awesome and I don't have to be visible to be on the forum :D.... Oh I'm bloody fantastic my sister is FINALLY leaving her f:censored: up retarted boyfriend after 5 years.
    :huggy: I've never heard of a wedding at the zoo but then again I can't judge cause I want mine at dreamworld, the actual ceremony and reception :lol:, I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays sunny for you.

    :eek: :eek: :eek: the last time I got out of bed about that time was when I was in High School 11 years ago, mum has even learnt that she's not to disturb me any earlier then 10:30 unless its an absolute emergency and if she does an d its not important she cops it.
    :yes: I don't think he knows how to say Thomas so he calls it "toot toot" everytime he sees something Thomas related he squeals out toot toot and does the pulling of the horn action and all, he's so cute :girl_aww:

    :yes: I've got it all worked out we just have to hope that its not going to rain otherwise I'm going to be one extremely pissed off person that you'll hear me all the way from you place :giggle:

    Well we wanted to have it where we didn't have to clean up any mess and the kids were out of the way while we were cooking and setting up so the park sounded like the perfect place to have it :D

    Anthony is performing at the Carols here at Strathpine, if I get a chance I might go but it depends cause its like 3 hours drive from here.... :yes: I heard that he was performing on Sunrise, if I remember I will set the foxtel to record it cause I'm not getting up early like I used to, I'm passed that stage now.
    :yes: it was my idea because he is obsessed with Thomas or toot toot as he calls it :giggle:... Well he's only 2 so we can't do too much as he's only little but we are going out to this huge arse park out at mount crosby where its got a huge arse play ground and an area to have a BBQ and play games like footy ect ect so that's what we are going to do for it.
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