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  • :hysterical: my sister's friend Inga calls me and my sister that for some reason so its kind of just stuck to me I guess lol..... Busy we are starting to get all the bits and pieces for Tyler's birthday party... we're doing a Thomas theme :D
    Thats what I mean gumbie :hysterical:, I have a proper ringtone as my message tone so it goes as if someone is actually ringing me that's why I said "did you ring"... :lmao: I didn't know that you liked the name "Gumbie" lolz but seen as you asked how are you this evening Gumbie?
    okay good news is that I'm not dying yet so that's a plus but the bad news is that I have to get an ultrasound on my Pelvis and 2 blood tests, have to wait for results for them though so atm I don't have much more to tell you so your just going to have to take comfort in the fact that I'm not dying :hysterical:
    you lazy bitch :hysterical: (just joking).... I can tell you on here its not like as if I have commited murder or anything :lol: :lol:.... I went to the doctors today like I promised you I would and well do you want the good news first or the bad news first?
    On and off I do that's why I'm going to get it checked plus I have a few other things that are a matter of concern those of which I won't talk about on here as they are quite private. That's the thing I don't really have any "good memories" of her cause I never really liked going to visit her because she was such a bitch, none of us kids did and the only reason we did visit was because we were made and Granddad used to give us lollies.
    Normally down the road here its fresh so I don't know why it wasn't tonight I might get a hot water bottle and put it on my tummy when I go to bed it if doesn't settle down soon. Its okay I just wasn't sure if it was you or not that logged in. Aww I went out down to my niece's place today and then went out and did a few things with her, got back home about 9ish your time, tomorrow I've got to go to the doctors I'm going to see about these headaches and tell the doctor that I'm not feeling myself.

    Oh if you want something to do you can write a speech for 100th birthday celebration, it my grandma's birthday next month and my aunty has asked one of us kids out of me and my sisters to write a speech and read it on the day, my sister nominated me to do it but the thing is I've never really been close to her and I've got pre exams to sit to get me ready for the real ones next month I can't afford any extra pressure at the moment.
    :wild: :hysterical: not too bad although I feel a little sick :( I had Mc Donalds for dinner tonight and it wasn't very fresh so now I kind of feel yucky...um were you on MSN before, I noticed that you logged in but when I went to open a window to talk you logged off, was that you? :unsure:

    How are you btw?
    Ummm mel he's my baby brother! im older than him! lol

    I played my wii sims game too today but my wii kept playing up on me as it was saying "something has intervered with your wii" or something like that it said.

    hey sory for the short chat but i better get my butt into as im very very tired and need sleep . I'll tell your more stuff bout last night tomorrrow night if you are able to get online.

    You take care ok
    :love: ya

    Bye :waving:
    I can understand where your brother is coming from though, you are his baby sister and he's only looking out for you.... after all he wouldn't be a big brother if he didn't, my sisters are exactly the same so I know what your saying... I was playing my sims3 before and parents decided to go on a "adults only" holiday leaving the eldest boy to do all the cleaning and cooking + looking after his little brother and baby sister + making sure he kept on top of his school work so his grades wouldn't slip + juggling a social life while trying not to break up with his girlfriend, they are back home now though of course thank fuck cause he was so grumpy and angry from having too much dumped on him :lol:
    :hysterical: that was the most funniest thing I've possibly EVER heard, but did you enjoy ur self, if you did then that's all that counts.... everyone enjoyed their self here and dad was totally spoilt, glad its over now though cause it was a big day and I'm so exhausted
    :waving: Hey sorry I didn't come on MSN earlier on before we had family here as we put on a BBQ for dad for Father's Day, would of messaged you but I had my phone in the spare room charging so I only got you message before when I replied through SMS... What was it that you had to tell me?
    :yes: I posted in the pets thread and the Aussie thread this after noon and even though someone else has posted in another thread those two threads are still coming up as the newest one posted in like :wtf:
    :yes: I have, but I'm not really paying much attention to any of it cause I've got better things to do with my time and make room for total utter bullshit.
    sorry Jess, mum decided to teach Tasha how to use the cat door today and now she knows how to use it the little monkey took off and I had to go and get her, only just brought her home.
    :giggle: I came to tell you about her but I can see she has already written to you :D

    Holidays are great but they keep us offline :lol:

    I hope you are doing ok. :flowers:
    :waving: sorry that I haven't spoken to you in a while, I'm up in Cairns at the moment and only have access to the internet when I'm at the internet cafe cause the wireless at the resort is way to expensive so I have limited internet time.

    I will be home this Saturday but will start coming online normally most likely on Sunday morning so I'll be able to talk to you alot more.. Been having alot of fun up here the weather is perfect (around 22- 24 degress) but when I get home I'll be going back to -1 so I'm really not looking forward to it.

    Anyway I best be off I have a few more things to do like check myspace facebook ect ect and reply to emails before my credit runs out on the computer so I will talk to you when I get home on Sunday.

    Till then take care :heart: you Bella

    I'm supposed to be in bed but I can't sleep, too excited so I thought I would jump on here and see if anyone was online..... its excellent you can do all sorts of things that you couldn't do with the other expansion packs, David is now a trauma surgeon, I'm a stay at home mum that way there is someone to look after Carlie Jane but I write books at home and Jemma is a fashion stylist...
    Not too bad I just finished packing for Cairns.... Its going really really well, I brought the new expansion pack "Generations" today :)
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