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  • yup yup..MJ's music does help a lot. :yes:. ohh never heard of that artist before. thats cool though :yes: :)
    aww i'm sorry hun!!:hug:having low self-esteem SUCKS. But i agree with you on listening to music, it does make you feel better. esp. listening to Michael Jackson :D :heart:!!!
    mj is a nice man!
    I just found a discussion thread on facebook, bout the underage nitclub i used 2 go 2!
    it makes me want2 cry.
    haha really why?:D thats ok i didn't even know they were friends. Yes, its cool they are friends.MJ seems like a nice man.
    Aww yes.. :D :wub: its cute how MJ did change by only adding a scarf to his face hehehe.. Oh i know, me too. He looks good with them one :wub: :D. Akon is so lucky to hang with MJ at the movies.
    You didn't hear about the story?it was in the news thread. I guess Akon just said that MJ was still wearing his PJ's and that Akon said aren't you going to change and then that MJ got a scarf and put it on his face for a disguise and that he put it on his children too.. so Akon grabs a scarf too and puts it on his face to be in disguise..lol. I guess thats what happend.
    hehe i would love to see that too. The story that Akon told about going to the movies with MJ was cute :)
    I am sure he is ok. He is out and about.. going to club 40/40.. taking his children to see Wall-E and then going to the movies w/ Akon. He was bustin a move at C.A. fashion party. I'm sure he is fine :D...
    lol, I know he sure does. I hate those stupid ass articles they write about MJ. Its just trash..Tabloid burning time. Yeah I wish there were pics too of him at club 40/40. But I am glad he had a good time and enjoyed hiself with privacy.
    Ughhhhhh I think it may just be a TRASH article. A lot of magazines and media always want to make MJ look bad . At Christain Audgiers party there were pics. of him, he didn't look bad at all.
    :eek: are you serious??No i have't heard of that??Do you mean the wheelchair pictures? PSsssshhhh to those.What magazines?
    LOL hey !! I need to go to sleep LOL but this place is addicting. I keep clicking into another thread or forum. In the morning, I will be smacking myself for not getting to bed earlier ... Fri morning I get to go to school with the boys and chaperone the museum field trip OIY !! why did I agree to be with a class of 8 year olds ?? Something is wrong with me lol
    Well He is the lead singer of Depeche Mode, and is very sexy. But of course no one compares to MJ's hotness
    Well some of the rapper guys are good looking. Oh if you like Shia, you would like dave Gahan. Picture Shia but older hehhe.
    Lolz i'm the same!
    but ppl dont understand why i love rapper type guys
    I love men like that
    I love brown hair and brown eyes too. I prefer dark haired men over blonde's for some reason lol.
    Indi was good. I liked the acting, and certain scenes. But the story was not the best.
    Hey! That sounds like a lot of fun! I went to see Indiana Jones, and Sex and the city this weekend!
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