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  • I wish you and your family merry christmas and a happy new year! :)
    That's a lame excuse. -_-

    Actually, I'm going to the movies today (Friday). :wild: Hopefully we can chit chat before I have to leave. :pray: :D

    I'm watching Elysium....with Matt Damon. :wild:

    What are you talking about?......I'm always good. :angel: :innocent:

    See you tomorrow. :pray: :hug:
    Yeah, I know what interrupts your plans........your laziness. :D

    And yes, I go to the movies every chance I get......I love going to the movies. :wild: Sometimes I don't really care about the movie, but I still go for the popcorn, soda, candy and pickle. :lol: And the company, of course. :naughty: :innocent:

    Yeah, well.....this picture made me think of you. :lmao: :hysterical:
    Yes, I was here. -_- Excuses, excuses. :sigh:

    Actually, I'm going to the movies today....matinee. :wild:

    I see you've been busy washing YOUR clothes. :hysterical: :lmao:

    :shutup: :toofunny:

    And if I get any "requests" :bugeyed it's gonna be your fault. :lol:

    I have to go now........break is over. :sigh: :bye: I'll see you tomorrow. :pray: I work 9-5. :wild:
    No, I play fair and square.......you give me a prescription, you get what you want. :D Unless, you speak the right language, then......... :thinking: I'm kidding!!!!! :lol:

    Can't give them to you without a prescription, so don't even ask me for them. :nono: :lol:

    You are making my stomach hurt (from laughing so hard)........don't force me to self-prescribe. :thinking: :lmao:
    Just for saying that you won't get any TLC from me........and don't think for a minute that I mean Tender Loving Care. :nono: I mean TLC as in Thorazine, Lorazepam, and Compazine. :hysterical:
    :shutup: :toofunny:

    It only describes me 50% accurately.........on the "educated" part.......not the rest. :lol:
    I bet that's why you've been gone........you've been looking for that pic, right? :unsure: :lol:
    Yes you are. -_- :lol: ;)

    You are just doing it on purpose. :she_devil:

    Shift over at 5:00 PM. :timer: :D
    You are forgiven..... :D .....only because I wasn't here either........I went to the movies. :wild:

    I hope to see you tomorrow too. :pray: :D
    No, that's okay........I'll talk to you tomorrow. :D No "praying" smilie. :lol:

    Sleep well. :hug: :bye:
    Well, you have been known to disappear without notice. -_-

    Yeah, that pic pretty much sums up how I feel too......sometimes. :lol:
    I have to go now.........going to the movies, and to sing karaoke. :karaoke: :wild:

    I will reply to your e-mail when I get back......I'm sending you "the" pic. I expect a rating tomorrow....okay? :D

    See you later. :bye: :hug:
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