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  • Yeah, cause I'm gonna go to him and say, "I don't like you, but let me take your picture." :wtf: :lol:
    It's slow right now.......and I'm taking care of things around here.....so no problem. :smarty:

    About my neighbor........I abso-F-ing-lutely refuse to kiss frogs to get to my prince. :lmao: I won't do it! :nono: :puke:

    Am I crazy? It's a rhetorical question. -_- You don't have to answer. :lol:
    I'm glad you know. -_- But I'm glad you're back. :wild:

    What made you come out of your cave? :unsure: :lol:
    :girl_pride::ciao:Halli Hallo Anita,:huggy:

    :birthday:Die aller herzlichsten Glückwünsche zu Deinem Geburtstag.:wild:

    Ich hoffe, es geht Dir gut. Liebe Grüße Elke:cheers:

    Yes, thank you............and I'm not totally messed up......only a little. :lol: I will. :yes:

    I'll think about it. :thinking: :unsure: But can't promise anything. :D

    Thank you so much! :give_flowers:

    Sorry I kept you awake this late............no I'm not. :lol: I'm kidding.....I am. :girl_whistle:
    Hey pretty Anita with a cherry on top.......we missed each other today. :sigh: I wanted to talk to you "in person." :secret: :yes: :D Dude, it's time for a meeting of the minds. :D :blink: I want to tell you something, but I'd rather tell you "face to face." :whisperinginear: :D

    In the meantime.............check your e-mail. :girl_whistle: :lol:
    hmm and now, okay I admit I haven't sent you my wishes first...but hello.. shall I be always first to do so? :sleep: I was waiting for your move, Madam :sleep: Now, as I'm thankful for your lovely wishes which were written from the bottom of your heart (and that I want to believe even if it wasn't truth :lmao: ) I'm wishing you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 first :D

    Let it be even better than our old 2012, don't know how was yours but mine was incredible, definitely the best in my life, so maybe 2013 will be close to this :D
    Cheers my sweet sis :cheers:

    ps. I love you and the way you are... even if you're annoying and nasty sometimes :girl_whistle: :hug::huggy: :heart:
    ps.2. ohh the pic is too big for our VMs :toofunny: what a shame!! loooooool
    ps.3. hahaha PS rules again! :wild: :D
    ohh yeahh again the same story :sleep: you accuse me AGAIN and saying AGAIN it's my fault... you know what? :sleep: you will NEVER change... even end of the world wouldn't change you EVER :toofunny: and I bet in upcoming 2013 you will be exactly the same...or even worse :ninja: :girl_whistle:
    End hello.. who you want to cheat right now with telling me you want to behave like responsible person? :shock: GOOD JOKE...hello..I know you more than anyone here :lmao: and I also know exactly how you can tellin' lies :p don't say..just DO :sleep:
    And no - you think wrong - it's not like I want you to write me back with photos :lol: and if you don't have any then you can't send me any email :huh: where did I write something like that? :huh: Nowhere! :nono: it's only your stupid way of thinking... ohh AGAIN :lmao: anyway, don't feel 'forced' by any kind of 'power' to send me pic surprises, I don't want to see pics of yourself taken under pressure :lmao:

    Wait a second... you accuse me for being silent and ignoring you? :sleep: should I remind you it was YOU who ignored me first so I didn't want to put my nose if I haven't got any reply since then :sleep:
    If I remember well I wrote you quite a long e-mail last time...so it's unfair to call me like that :p You should already know me I don't butt in when someone has no time because busy time. I totally understand it :hug:
    And despite the fact you have sent me xmas wishes after...xmas actually :p.. I thank you very much you still remember your sis :lol:
    Merry Christmas Nita and I really want to Wish You A Very Happy & Loving Magical New Year!! :)
    Enjoy girl!! ;)
    Thank you.....:hug: You're right, exactly the kind of visuals I needed to bounce back. :yes: :D Amazing how this "gold" did what the many doses of Ibuprofen couldn't do.............make me feel better. :wild: :lol:

    I'm good now, but I'll be better on Wednesday...........when my school semester finally ends. :woohoo:
    Okay, go to bed.......you can try to kick my ass some other time. :lol:

    Talk to you later. :hug: :bye:
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