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  • hi
    just wanted to check how are you? i'm sad but i'm trying to go on. step by step. do something Michael would have approved.
    how are you my friend? do you know there will be vigils in NZ?
    hi sweetheart!
    i just woke up.. now im thinking about cleaning my room. its a total mess!
    how are you today? :heart:
    Then EVERY1 in London will know that u were there (in spirit)
    Hope the weather isn't too bad for u this weekend :punk:

    talk 2 u soon
    rock with U is one of my favs 2. I luv the Off The Wall album. :)
    I will yell as loud as I can 4 u. Lol. When he replies, I will tell u wot he said.
    Lorraine :)
    hello rckwitu.
    Im sorry u can't go. It is expensive & I have moved heaven & earth 2 go. It will be worth it though.
    Wots ur fav song & I will YELL out really loud that its for U so MJJ can hear. Hehe
    Lorraine :)
    hi Lorraine
    nice to hear from you. so far i know only 1 fan in NZ and she's in Christchurch. really nice to hear from you. i fly on 4th too! lol which flight are you on?
    i didnt book yet but i think Air NZ is the cheapest one.
    i ordered tickets from viagogo for 06/09 and 10/09 but didnt get the ticket yet for 8/09 and i was thinking of buying them by the O2. in the past it was fine, i mean i've done concerts before and it was always possible to buy at the stadium. may be somthing changed this time... i dont know. they are soooo expensive.
    are you going by yourself? i'm taking my sister too

    Hi, I noticed u r from Wellington. I'm from Auckland. I'm going to London 4th sept for the shows. Im going to the sept 6th & 8th shows. As long as my ticket sellers r legit people that is. Hehe
    Lorraine :)
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