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  • Hey not sure if u saw my fb post but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! hope u will have an awesome day
    Happy Birthday MJ Fan-Mily in L.O.V.E
    Silver you look just like Sandra Bullock! You're an Academy Award winning actress!!!

    Major MJ l.o.v.e to you!!!

    Marty In L.A.
    Hi :hug:
    Thank you sweetie. But I am not really a believer in these things. This is creepy and strange...I know that there are ways to contact the other side, but I am not sure about this. :( It doesn't seem right. I am a spiritual person and honestly believe some people do have a gift but they are very few and far between. I am saying this with the greatest of respect and love...

    Hugs to you and thank you for the friend request. :flowers:
    I can press the ban button, but I don't no how to unban, so its no garentee i'll be able to unban hahaha Can you not restart your pc and come back in the chat that way?
    aww thanks again hun! *hugs you tight back and smiles at you* ;)
    Happy Birthday!! :holiday:
    yw! I know it's a day early but I couldn't resist! lol :p
    Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!! =)
    Happy Thanksgiving - and remember, bring your TUMS if you're gonna eat too much today! ! LOL!
    Both went well. I got a call back for the ensemble play and the other one seemed to go well but I won't know for a few days about that one cause she just finished auditions last night for that one. I have to call the ensemble plays A.D. back though. I am still not totally sure which one I would pick if I got chosen for both. It's happened in the past and I picked the one woman play. It might be nice to be in an ensemble again though. Still the one woman play is a rare opportunity as well.
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