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  • Hi, I just wanted to say I've noticed your LaToya avvy around the forum and I really respect a lot of what you post. :)
    Just wanted to stop by ur profile coz I know some users are being rude on account of u being a la Toya fan. I find it immature to attack someone for liking somthing they don't. Particularly when it has nothing to do with the topic thread.

    Wow! That's a long time to be a Jackson family fan:) I wasn't even born when you became a fan! I admire your dedication.
    Hey! thanks for agreeing with my posts...some ppls ignorant and rude comments were getting on my nerves! I don't understand how ppl with a fixed negative attitude can't just keep it to themselves. So are you? How long have u been a fan of mj and La Toya?
    Thanks as well, I came across some of your posts and I really enjoyed them, thought I'll send you a friend invite. Hope you're well.
    oh, many times. the most recent being mj's memorial, unfortunately. but she's an amazing person. so fun to be around. u can't help but act giddy and be childlike in her presence. mj was the same way
    lol thank u. i love ur avvy! miss my toy toy.such an angelic soul. truly reminds me the most of mj. innocent like a child.
    :lol: I don't usually bite :lol: Michael specifically asked us not to share photos of his children and we will continue to uphold that honor. Photos that are approved by Mrs. Jackson (events and such) will be allowed. Photos from paps invading while they are shopping or just being kids will not be approved. And anything old that was not approved by Michael during his life will not be permitted.
    a student forum
    i saw someone on there withthe same username a syou so thats why i thought it was u
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