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  • you should be able to mutitask , you are a secret agent , after all .
    intelligence and all that ..
    this is THE jane on your profile .
    cant hold me downnnnn, wbdaddddddy !!!:wild::damnknockoutbaby!ha~: wooo!


    want some music to go with that millllllllllllllllllk ??

    thought so ....


    Life doesn't always go my way,:wink: yeah...
    Feels like I'm caught in the middle
    That's when I click the image to get full size ..":wink::better:
    .u wish wbdaddy. :tease:
    now be quiet and stop winking:wink:...and stop begging :smilerolleyes:*steps over him* , ive got a story for you in the works :wink:.

    hmmm...i thought you had things to do :mello::timer:,
    looks like you couldnt keep away :wink:.
    addicted, agent ?:wink: :yes:,
    !..and ya cant spank me not yours to spank ,wannabedaddy :wild::wild::wild:
    *runs away in full speed*
    hmmm....:thinking:since, ive been on this beach laughing ..playing ....thinking ..but .... .[she waits for no-one.. ]. simply phone the gals ,

    pull out FAITHFUL twister

    DRINK the wine ....:wild: OOOOPS SPILLL the wine ..

    before we rampage a club


    and indulge in neverending hot cocktails .ALL NIGHT LONG .
    ~and not miss grandad ONE bit ....of course , grandad is with mis Stern & HER RULER . ...more his style im sure .:) ~ mama..wbdaddy ..i might be back ...but don't wait up !.
    and i might not be that "sweet" tomorow ..or any other days .
    you just caught me on a good day .:yes: ...
    well...maybe a certain someones making me feel that way ,.. today .....
    but it wasnt "sweet " will never be "sweet "... it was simply being honest ...sweet has nout to do with it .

    *points* and at every point you should think of me...understood .? :yes:
    never forget that .
    *pokes you * :poke::wild:
    YOU had better THINK of ME if your going to bed then ,
    sweet dreams :punk: .:sleeping:

    :wild:steals your bed :wild::mello:
    its never too ... as i said , theres no limit ...theres NO limit , i mean that agent , man , its just creating and nothing is too ...not for me , anyway . so continue magic .
    origin 1 , 2 everything was brilliant to reccive , are you thinking what im thinking............. :wink:
    more ! :lol::wild:

    [OR CUSTARDeeeee]:smilerolleyes:
    ..or jam rolliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie polliiiiiiiies ...:beee:or yummy jam doughnuts...or... or ,or ,,hot cross buns..or anythiiiiiiiiiiing else sweet -n- sticky, ..nope.nout but a pigs snout .:mello:
    and one more time :giggle:

    !!!custody ?!!!!!!pfffff!!!!!youd have your handz full !!!!!sureyawantthat?!!!mindand body!:heart:couldnttakeit!!!!seekintabeeemyspac eeedo cmrsp ock?!!!:tease::wild:!*smexiiiiiibratruns away again :wild:*!!again again again againnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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