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  • ive been patitent for tooooooo long now :wild:
    i kno.....YOU can be MY patient , !:wild:woo!:party: IOU CPR ..?:wild:..
    no ,
    thats already been done
    you have to compose something with agent W ,
    and thats somthing a weeeny bit more than anyting dangerous ..more than any history ...somthing more than more itself :wild:
    come on waiting .!!! ..:just to make you sweat a teeny bit more : :wild:
    is it done yet
    is it done yet
    is it done yet
    is it done yet
    is it done yet
    are we there yet
    are we there yet
    are we there yet
    are we there yet
    has the time come
    has the time come
    has the time come
    yet? :lol:
    of course we are online at the same time , im hunting you down boy :wild:


    oh yay oh whaaaaa ? you say .:shifty:..goodness its MY time to faint , dont make it sugacoated now allergic to all things sweet .:hysterical::yes::mello:
    well you should get your mind readin skillls up to stratch *stares in your eyes for a few mins*:lol:
    oh you got an account :wild:nice one !:punk:which ever , here msn or pm its cool !....oh you poor sod :shifty:pm me
    hmmm....:thinking: *closes door of spaceship *i wouldnt say i have a high IQ of pop boss ,seat taken k ..thanx . *sits on your knee facing you *i think i am highly aware of a wide range of music :D you kno,um... pulsating rhythm , tis all ,:mello: it has to bang .excite look a bit hot ..are we simmering ? :huh:*blow gentle cool air on your face* .it has to awaken my senses has to tell me somat see ,.....but...boss ? i do appriaate music as ..a whole though ,...*looks at boss* you ok ?, if i can feel ....if i can feel it :ph34r: k ....if i like what is being said ,and ...if i can feel it ....:unsure:~ then i gladly love it . and nine timez out of ten il want to yapp~"do somthing" about it :yes: [2.49 -infinity..4now]
    watches as you faint over control [a bit] :swoon::dropdead: er...what happened ...boss ? ...boss ? :unsure:

    u saw that coming , admit it , :lol::ph34r:
    doiiiiiiiiiiwearuoutalreDY :wild: I LIKE THAT .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii confuseeeeeeeeeee ya ? .oh joy!;D:stars:..even better :wild::wild::punk::rofl:
    "belaboringgggggg" ~:huh: :wtf:talk about me yappin in a diffo lanwhich boss ..:doh:

    right , so ....we finaly borded have we agent ?.:wild::cheers:...hold on tight then and to start ....we shall go to "witts end " [as you wish]! :yes:
    *throws your brand spankin new game you got on the 27th in the space-bin [with the wub]*anyway ..that wife is needy .....:doh: end of ~
    ...right, dont talk about that anymore , :yes: now~hurry up ~and get on this jorney and dont say anything else about it . or il be forced to take action worse than a wifes cpr . :bugeyed . :unsure:
    oh, you think im a physic ? :wild: ..well......:thinking: i predict you too will be having zany outbursts very soon ,*sells you insanity* ...and oooo dontcha just hate yappy partners in crime,wine,crime,wine:beee:..whinewhinewhine :shout: :wild::wild::wild:
    somthing HAS GOT to be done :bugeyed:wild::wild::punk::D:wub::mello:
    oh darn those globbits . we have to get all globbits in the name of ...wub ?

    isnt writin' in ittalicks addictive boss ?
    *zooms straight for the jugluar*
    thats not unsugacoated advice boss , thats boring advice ..and eveyone get that advice .... ,:yes: gimme me something to THINK about personaly , :yes:
    it was obvious :yes:that you would choose that fillys video *yawn ..borrring * i can see we need to do some work here, realy:punk: ....cuz . when i say gimme more i mean ....
    gimme more :yes:
    gimme more boss ~and you should respond:yes: and expand your P.I.C. mindz :yes: see?
    and yes ,:beee: she IS needy ~ ...wife .......see...:doh:.what more can i say ..
    ...explosives in his HEAD ? ...not liking to be held hostage ?:mello:~what kind of a boring wife is that ?:giggle:....

    ps.i half liked YOUR video choice....its a start..
    gimme more.
    and sadly , the vevo vid has denied wendijanes viewing pleasure ...
    and if access is denied ..then what ? ..over and out .
    why is she holdin him like that ? ...
    needy lil' thing.. isnt she ?...:p

    anyway ...cutting corners to make it your "POSSIBLE" mission ~ could very easily be YOUR final destination boss :giggle:...
    so ...are you sure you want to fly the hard way ?:timer:

    Thank you! it was great to meet you as well!!! :)
    Merry Christmas! :)

    what a heart felt message .
    thanx you agent , i hold it dearly . thanx for coming back :)
    look forward to yappin at you in 2010 sometime maybe :yes:
    mez christmas :flowers:
    annnnd whilst you debate if you'l come back to Ground zero or not .... heres an angel tree topper for your tree :yes:

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