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  • oi, oi cheeky :cheeky:
    i fly here in tinkerbell mode and look for urbercool cat messages to brighten my day :wild:
    and ..... i aint got none:unsure:
    boy ,your worst than the royal mail you are :doh:!! :giggle:


    unless.... they are invisible messages from the secret agent !woo, i can go with that ~over n out !:wild:
    hiiiiiii :lol:
    yes boss i did ...didnt i :wild::p

    it does have intresting content boss ,,would you like to see more ?:wild:
    were you ready for the weekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend then ?....did you have a good one ? :punk::wild:

    more longer messages :yes: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! the short ones are toooooooo complex for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :wink:
    oh the link is tooo cool :bugeyed but................... i know the answer to that one already :wink::blink::wild::dance::dancin:GAMETIMEEEEEEEEE! :dancin::hysterical::punk::yes::evil::mello::wild::wild::wild::wild::scratch::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::bugeyed:wild::wild::wild::mello::yes::clapping::wild::wild::wild::wild:

    *tosses poo-paperwork into thousand of pieces in air *
    wooo! :wild::wild:
    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee seeeeeeeeeeeeeee it flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    *and again *
    :dancin:*soooooooo pretttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ...............more!more! fly ...all the books..all the text ...loooooooook!!!...........
    uhmmm...i broke it alll up ..its all gone .....:unsure:
    oops...*looks at the urber-mess ..looks at you ...

    callin agent M ! .......* into walkiiiiiiiiiiii-talkie*
    annnnd .....dont worry il bring the partay to YOU ...cos thats what good co workers dooooooo0000000oooooo mmmmhmmmm {who have mutual underrstandin} :punk::wild:*stands on table with your papers *
    WOOO!:wild:i found connfettiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LOOOK!!!:wild::wild::lol::p
    so you dont need to study doooo you ? :p :no::wild::yes::huh:.....:wild:
    *throws all your text books in the air in victory * with the L.O.V.E <of course:wild:
    the party has started :wild::scream: whres the whipped cream woo!:wild::dance::party::pizza::dance:
    *stares*well ...thats just great innit , here's agent Weeeeeeee thinking "woo!/ partay dommination take over !!!!!!!!:wild: ...
    and the boss goes all bertie ballsac on me and wants to work ..:doh::poke::wild::huh:
    il soon fix that notion though :yes::wild:i already told you !! have the answers already~ woo! :wild::punk::yes::wild: ITS HYStoyRIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiACAL !:wild::yes::p
    2014 ??..:mello:.well will have to play it soon then ,:ph34r::punk::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild: cos who knows if we will have beyond 2012 ::ph34r:

    but , course, you being a special agent ..knows the answer to that already .
    wooo:wild::waving: hello agent , ...
    5 .?. nah sadly , i havnt played 5 , because i dont own a psp3 yet , and i dont have xbox 360, i have a old psp 2001,[which i currently wanna get a 3000] and a playstation 2, but i herd 6 very good reviews about 5 , and its 2 over the top ..10 times as intense..2 bad i have to hold on for another 365 days . the same with sims 3, i am currently wanting 3, .2 bad ,..:unsure: its not out on those other 2 formats yet ,so thats just a question of waiting for a 3 .....7 however, is an lucky number ....for some .....

    just sayin...

    not to argue :yes::yes:.:wild::mello:..but ..ghosts rocks more :beee:, :punk::ph34r:and you kno it does :yes: ,...tell me what you wouldnt give to be in that room ?.. ... to witness a great dark gothic-ness :D
    mmm...:thinking: i see your intresting picture and raise you a
    but you'l forgive me for that :yes: , i think we are getting a decent understandin' :yes:
    msn ...whaa ? never used them :mello:, ok so..:mello:...maybe in the new year you could give it a try, with your new friend ? yeah ? woo :dancin: ..and you could yapp to me about how thrilled you are when i find that missing vid game for you :p presure be yourself ,!talk to me !, you make me laff a bit!! :lol:
    more measaaaaaaasges ! i wannnah request a messsssssssage everrry day :wild:!!!

    you could always pm me that comment :p
    hello :huggy:!!
    woo :waving: , im pleased to see your message , you make me laff , and smile a bit which is cool , ty :punk:,mmm, i like to be scared to a degree :thinking:, then i like to scare also :giggle:...depending on the situation , sorry ..i get excited :wild:, theres sooo much words , your messages are getting longer ..which is great , and thats always a plus .. i always like to hear what you have to say agent M , ~yeah , i like thriller , it is nice :yes:, i prefer ghosts , cos i find it is more gothic , alluring ~and well more menacing . ..,
    i love RE , absoluelty love it ,yes i play it n' i love those links thanx you kindly , nothing beats the original, best , so creepiiiii .

    :lol:..what ? have to try ? are already witty and historical , please~ stay that way :D, i like it :punk:.
    where :wild:let me see the rude comment :wild:
    and oh ty ..i got a suprise with seeing tha purple today :unsure:
    hey when did you join i thought you was an oldie ,
    "do i or did i game" ? :lol: you are killin me with kindness agent ...:lol:

    yep. sims ,or somat gorey ..i like horrer too, i like to be scared :yes:... anything cool ......mainly sims..stuff like that . ~.., ah ,the game cube is classic! ~and you have completed them all , hmm...i like zelda but i dont have the consintration to complete all ......i have a PSP and i had an NDS ~i dunno what the twilight princess is all about ,is that good ?..fill me in on that ..
    do you have msn or anything like that ?
    *runs around your profile* i'l park my bum here for a wee ,while

    tell me if i bugg you k ?...:blush:
    you are busy to the max :lol: what cha reeeeeeeeeeading ??:wild:
    i hope whatever it is , agent , your project goes successfull and smoooo0oo00ove .
    sweet ? ...:unsure:oh come on agent m , im not sweet :blush:...everyone,..most peoples call me that and im clearly not ......:mello:~lets ...not go there with sweet :huh::blush:~sweet ain't coooooool,,,,cant i be somat else..can i be silly :wild: :p
    how about we exchange pms so you realy know what im like ,:lol:
    thanx you for telling me friend that youl be offline ..though that suxs megamillonz ,but i will be thinking of ya !, best to you also ,always :yes:

    yapp @ me when you get back :wild:
    yay i got even moreeeeeee meaashges :giggle: :wink: :p , and look , it seems your grinning too...ha ,im glad i seem to have made you laff tooooo :lol:
    aw..thanx you agent for wishing me a deal :wild: woot :wild: , your a very sweet person.
    i wish you the same ,my friend.
    *makes a deal *:D
    that message was epic :lol:
    more messages :wild:.
    yes, that is perect . ty for the worm expressions agent .:dance::punk:
    a mammoth project ? :yes: cool , thats nice to hear , you stay well my friend . enjoy your induldgence , wha ever you decide to do
    ~celebrate thanx giving too? ..if you do , i wish you a blessed one :huggy:
    hugg me back ? i wannah hugg today :(
    dont be concerned by the linxs my cyber friend :lol:, thats only your opinions, thoughts , etc , im not going to slate you for that ,
    so, ..are your spirits raised today ? :D
    the avvy rocks btw, .:punk:
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