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  • you are busy to the max :lol: what cha reeeeeeeeeeading ??:wild:
    i hope whatever it is , agent , your project goes successfull and smoooo0oo00ove .
    sweet ? ...:unsure:oh come on agent m , im not sweet :blush:...everyone,..most peoples call me that and im clearly not ......:mello:~lets ...not go there with sweet :huh::blush:~sweet ain't coooooool,,,,cant i be somat else..can i be silly :wild: :p
    how about we exchange pms so you realy know what im like ,:lol:
    thanx you for telling me friend that youl be offline ..though that suxs megamillonz ,but i will be thinking of ya !, best to you also ,always :yes:

    yapp @ me when you get back :wild:
    yay i got even moreeeeeee meaashges :giggle: :wink: :p , and look , it seems your grinning too...ha ,im glad i seem to have made you laff tooooo :lol:
    aw..thanx you agent for wishing me a deal :wild: woot :wild: , your a very sweet person.
    i wish you the same ,my friend.
    *makes a deal *:D
    that message was epic :lol:
    more messages :wild:.
    yes, that is perect . ty for the worm expressions agent .:dance::punk:
    a mammoth project ? :yes: cool , thats nice to hear , you stay well my friend . enjoy your induldgence , wha ever you decide to do
    ~celebrate thanx giving too? ..if you do , i wish you a blessed one :huggy:
    hugg me back ? i wannah hugg today :(
    dont be concerned by the linxs my cyber friend :lol:, thats only your opinions, thoughts , etc , im not going to slate you for that ,
    so, ..are your spirits raised today ? :D
    the avvy rocks btw, .:punk:
    That would have been amazing.. Michael also wanted to direct a movie. It was going to be called they cage the animals at night but he never got around to it :(
    no of course not agent . :lol:
    i will reply to you , its just like everyone else , i am feeling /down/sad at the moe and sometimes i get stuck for words abit , but no , of course you havnt lost me :)
    i love your pms ,im tocuhed you took time to write to me ~and im thanx full for your friendship.:huggy:
    lol all MJ fans are welcome! :) Im a big fan of your screen name. I love the Miss Cast Away movie :)
    *looks @ those prepared piccys again*you did make me realy laff .., you make me have a slight glimmer of hope haa .
    have a nice day .yapp soon agent M .
    if i eliminate my love of all things spicy .... :wild:
    would i be perfect then ?:wild:
    cool NBA game ~woo !:punk:
    well. i think that any picture from a friend is a speacil thing .
    so i will look forward to seeing it hun , hope you are so well :happy:
    take much care now , xox
    wonderful ,
    i cant wait :heart:
    take your time , no rush agent M .
    huggs and much respect and fun and love for the weekend .
    gonna do anything nice ?
    T.Y so much for the rep , my dear friend , it means a lot .it does ~ty . :huggy:
    how are you ~
    heres hoping your week is bright :cheers:
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