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  • We might need to reconnect :smokingrapper:I don't know mjjeternals reason for doing that. I know that if i go to an archived post, People are still posting .
    stop dropping text so small. WHY ARE YOU WHISPERING!!.
    come a lil bit closer mother****er.

    i missed you.

    Why do you take massive chunks of time out on your Jackson duty's , guy? Git bak in kontact homes.
    Lazy arse...
    I'm unable to receive or send PMs. That's why you haven't heard from me for the longest time.
    Um you might be writing with far better bitches , but remember i am Kingpin to your cake.

    ..... :) and you went through stages of senile, denial, and greif when i left you like the queen you are.

    ,Bake me something sweet bitch. [IMG]
    Firstly, Thankyou for b day wishes. I licked the stripper.

    FuUck you for talking about fam.


    KIll you for talking shite about my sonny!!!!. Ah,....I will deal with you better and all this crap later .......but for now,


    ive just popped in to wish M a HBD, no time for you, and you can piss off back to your clone drone hole mother****@er. Because you have been outed by your own ignorance.
    [IMG]attack of the clones. well bring it ON.
    I love the summer. It's been an ok one this year. I hope it's nice this weekend because we are taking my little niece to the seaside. Have you done anything nice this summer?
    You suck so bad with your messages
    You are probably one of those clones gone wrong
    Go back to your spaceship brutus
    Don't you mean the other hand ? ? Whats on the other hand Agent M ? Not my ring haha:giggle:
    :lol: Yeah son You should totally congratulate me :yes:
    It's a job well done :D [it's party time, It's excellent :heart: ] [VVFFSAF]
    The sketch is not far off ..... not of me of course ,
    My mac is booming,lit, new af , firedup, ready to roll, ... I hope you have a lot of fun on your HP and do not poke your fingers in any hole that you are not meant to or just add water for the sheer fun of it kind to the poor HP thats all i'll say .

    Yes I can see you bumped it only you can :sigh:
    Yessssss, with the LGBT curiosity it's cute's old ...drop it ! , now dragons ...thats what i'm talking about :reading:
    What about furries ? Pandas? :happy:
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