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  • What "L" thinks of it is that some have too much time on their hands thinking about and talking about someone they no longer speak to. :lol: Weird. :bugeyed
    Im on my Mac Book Finally I can see full screen
    I am curious about that story . Who was the inspiration for Fran ? I wonder what L would think of it .
    My change is a good one. I filed for divorce as you may or may not know. The final papers came through last month [VFS...Oh god you still remember that ??Ffs ] So now I am free as an EDM bird flying about all over everywhere yet not in the vicinity of where you are . :unsure:

    I finally figured out who you actually are. You ain't no judge dread and you're no mr Bigg either ..... You're F00kiiing deadmau5 YEAH BOOOOOIiiii:lol:
    You sound so depressed :D
    Unlike me.
    I'm still young free and single...and I sparkle these days.
    Enjoying the EDM life ...I'm so surprised you know what EDM stands for
    And since I don't like you so much, and you are a bit of a ******oo.. you might want to join the party for nerds :unsure:
    Shocking ..
    I might sound or read as a hood rat (@times) but can assure you I'm far from rats of any hood. I might be a skrillcat now tho
    Oh come on hahaha U loved sparring tho.It was quite possibly the highlight of your stuffy boring candy life. You are so candy. Meeting me was an extremely high quality resolution,emotional and research time for you I'm sure
    Still...Mez chriz son ..

    PS ..I'm on my Timmy . expect no pictures.your rep points are noted.shall reciprocate when appropriate.
    Mister agent m bloke who I never really understood.... can I just ask something if I am the meat in the sandwich who are my crusty partners ?
    😐😜 I hope you on iPhone this shit look good up in here x maybe I should stop acting black when I talk to you then you might think I'm a white woman after all... Oh and if you do reply well please go easy with me son I'm having a lot of change in my life just lately, can't spar like I used to 😅😂😈😋😛😝
    Oh god sake why have you come back when I thought all was quiet
    Some bitch is playing me up in this mother****er
    I still love you though
    Even though you think I'm a black lady from the united states of America
    (You never know your luck)
    I shout EDM
    And you say?....
    That's great that you are doing well. I'm good too, long may it last for both of us. I hope you had a great summer :yes:
    Hi there Agent, how are you? I haven't logged on here in a LONG LONG time. For some oddball reason I hadn't felt like signing in for awhile. For kicks, I logged in and saw your message.
    So tell me more ?
    And ...well thanks for the reply [Wasn't expecting that] How have you been ?

    ( the middle)
    Hahaha Yes you noticed well ;)
    Why have you been online as a guest for over a year?
    Glad to see you logged on as Agent M again ...welcome back ;)
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