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  • Oh god sake why have you come back when I thought all was quiet
    Some bitch is playing me up in this mother****er
    I still love you though
    Even though you think I'm a black lady from the united states of America
    (You never know your luck)
    I shout EDM
    And you say?....
    That's great that you are doing well. I'm good too, long may it last for both of us. I hope you had a great summer :yes:
    Hi there Agent, how are you? I haven't logged on here in a LONG LONG time. For some oddball reason I hadn't felt like signing in for awhile. For kicks, I logged in and saw your message.
    So tell me more ?
    And ...well thanks for the reply [Wasn't expecting that] How have you been ?

    ( the middle)
    Hahaha Yes you noticed well ;)
    Why have you been online as a guest for over a year?
    Glad to see you logged on as Agent M again ...welcome back ;)
    ��It's about time you showed up. ��⏳⏰��

    Was it a flying pink elephant?
    I was just randomly speaking a Canadian and you came across my mind
    Think I lost your email ..not sure.
    You have not answered for over a year now...not that I'm waiting of course
    Still, what's up son? You OK?
    That egregious effrontery, went unanswered it seems....

    In any case..Hope your doing ok out there ^^
    Pleased about the announcement?

    Hi there Agent M
    Thanks for the rep points and nice comment ...Aww I wish to be here more than I am ..I wish it feels the same as on the MJFC ...I know this forum is much better, but miss my old friends :(
    How have you been?
    Hi there, just to let you know, I haven't written off this place after all, but I don't necessarily feel like posting here about MJ's music. Not sure I feel like posting at all, but maybe every now and then I'll stop by and see if there are mental cases on these threads who need their head whacked.
    Sorry I'm late to reply I tried twice before and something seemed to come up.
    Happy you were my 500th visitor, how did it feel? :D

    Oh..nice I would like to read some reviews on future films I intent to watch:fortuneteller:

    Hope you are keeping well?
    you vanished into the unknown... hope you're well, and to hear from you soon.
    Bye :shakehands
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