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  • Hi Agnes, did you manage to get the tickets? Hope you did, would love to see you there.
    LOOOL mint egy papagáj.... :D Tudod, mi a véleményem... szörnyűűű hahaaaahhaa
    and about the blanker, u have given me rep, thanking me for the my compliment about the blanket? why?
    it appears as if u make the blanket. why u had to thank me?! :huh:
    i did only ofr second.... saw other started 1st ;) can't wait for other....

    have you idea how to put emotion under avatar? "my mood"
    :angel:Hello DEAR:wub:

    There is a problem for sure with mega... if you can use torrent or i'm uploading to rapid. i just did it with secod file. I used same rars as the one on mega.

    HUGS :cheers::wub:
    i know its taking so long I wonder what the problem is, I just posted in there because it was related to one of the links and wanted to see if anyone one else was having the same lame ass problem! hehe
    Did you see his photos today. I wish the press would let him be and let him see his doctor. It's as if they're trying to get something, like catch him without the makeup or something to prove that he is sick. Idiots.

    Yes the blanket moved me too into tears. I'm going to send this to my friend who has been keeping me informed of the Auction. He would love to see this.
    Aggie ...I don't if I am doing this right so I will write it here too. The blanket is amazing and well put together. It's just so beautiful. It made me tear up looking at it.
    Happy New Year!!!!
    Hey, köszi szépen a mappákat! Töltöttem fel youtube-ra, és szétkapcsolt a net. Írtam pár sort, de nem vitte át... :( Utána meg te is kiléptél.
    Boldog új évet!!!!! :)
    nope, unfortunately I couldn't :( did you?
    i'm sure it looks wonderful anyway and i would love to see it!
    Hi, no u don't know me, but I was there in Berlin in '02, and I remember seeing u on the balcony LOL. x
    Nem láttam a Megasztárt, de hallottam/olvastam, hogy a Viktor nyert, és volt BJ ismét, épp most terveztem megnézni a dalokat youtube-on. Aha, láttam a képeket. Hááát, de most legalább láthatom a szemeit végre. Olyan szomorúak. :(
    thanks a lot for droppong me a vistor's message. i was online and as usual catching up to most recent mj news. talk to you soon.
    borzalmasak! :( Komolyan, én már unom ezt. Most először érzem azt, hogy unom, amit Michael művel... Totál hülyét csinál magából, utána meg sír, hogy jaj, mit művel a bulvársajtó... :(
    yeah, and thank you as well. Good luck with the studying, hope you're having a nice day. I'm sure we'll find some time to chat soon x
    thank you for being my friend ;)

    i got my christmas tree up last night and also too we got alot of snows where i live :yes: :jump:
    I'm really sorry it took so long, I somehow removed your message, I've absolutely no idea how it happened.
    My mother loves Budapest, she's wants me to see it, that's actually why I'm going. It'd be lovely to meet you though, do you live there? (I'm sorry I'm replying here, I'm having some troubles with my pc at the moment)
    oh, really? that's cool. Let's hope this winter won't be as freezing as the one 3 years ago, lol. I see you're from Hungary, my parents spent there their honeymoon, over 30 years ago. I'm actually planing to visit Budapest this summer.
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