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    My MJ song....

    Thanks! :)
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    My MJ song.... Hello everyone, since Glee did the MJ tribute and all, Glee karaoke for iPhone added some of the songs, so I desided to sing this one... Hope you like it.... :) PS, I am not the greatest, But I try... :)
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    I made this Video For Michael...

    Thanks! :) and thank you qbee! :)
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    Conrad Murray is requesting Bail Pending Appeal. [UPDATE] Request Denied

    Re: Conrad Murray is asking a judge to release him from jail pending appeal Seriously?! Murray just get over it! You are in Jail for a reason!
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    I made this Video For Michael...

    Thanks, Everyone! :D
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    I made this Video For Michael...

    Wait, hopefully you can click on the link, I posted it on my mobile site..
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    I made this Video For Michael...

    Hello Everyone, how are you all doing? Sorry I don't post much on here, but here is a video I made a few days ago.. I wanted to do something from the heart and also what Michael stood for... He was so caring and loving.. Please enjoy...
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    Rare Pictures Thread

    Awesome pics! :-)
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    Happy Birthday Michael!!!

    Happy Birthday Michael!! We love and miss you terribly... please know how muc we love and care about you and you are forever in i our hearts.... thank you for everything you've done...... :)
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    Aaron Carter Rebuttal Final Letter

    That's what I've been thinking as well... Good point... :)
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    Aaron Carter Rebuttal Final Letter

    Wow, that bad. :( Did he delete the replies?? I don't see any of them. I heard he was threatening the fans and such, but I don't see his tweets... Did he delete them??
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    Aaron Carter Rebuttal Final Letter

    Will you guys be sending a letter to Aaron and his camp??
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    The Truth About MJ as a Humanitarian!!

    Re: Every fan needs to know this TRUTH about Michael!!! Wow, he was truly an angel sent from God! :-)
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    Aaron Carter Claims MJ Gave Him Drugs *Update Post 41* Merged

    Re: Aaron Carter The Lying Methhead Claims MJ Gave Him Cocaine I guess I will wait it out.. And I agree on what some of you said: if Aaron's mother called the police if this was true, wouldn't Michael have been investigated, and arrested?? Just saying: