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  1. For All Time [MERGED]

    Re: For all Time It's true that the DAT demo and the demo played at Sundberg's seminars feature Michael singing the bridge, but it's an incomplete guide vocal. The bridge included in the officially released song was recorded in 2007 with Eddie Cascio... in the "legendary" basement studio! For...
  2. Rare, Unreleased Michael Jackson Album Goes Up for Auction

    Is this a snippet from the album? Alternate version of Smile!
  3. Exclusive: Michael Jackson TV Movie 'Searching for Neverland' from Emmy Winning Motown Veteran

    Did you check under TV shows? It's listed as episode 1 in season 1 of a tv series, rather than as a movie. But it's very possible it's been region restricted, probably due to the music used...
  4. Exclusive: Michael Jackson TV Movie 'Searching for Neverland' from Emmy Winning Motown Veteran

    For people waiting to watch it: you can get the movie on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft Store etc. It's only $3-5, depending on where in the world you live...
  5. Exclusive: Michael Jackson TV Movie 'Searching for Neverland' from Emmy Winning Motown Veteran

    I'm sure there will be many fans who won't like it, but I also believe many will recognize considerable effort went into this. Is it a perfect, Oscar-worthy movie? Of course not... But it's definitely not tacky or cringe worthy like so many of the other TV movies we've seen over the years. The...
  6. Exclusive: Michael Jackson TV Movie 'Searching for Neverland' from Emmy Winning Motown Veteran

    I've been there yesterday. I couldn't care less about the movie, I went there to talk with Suzanne de Passe. Having no expectations whatsoever, I was very pleasantly surprised. The film is very well done, and definitely the best we have on Michael in this genre. It does a great job humanizing...
  7. Michael's Shoes

    YSL Jonny boots, they were his favorite for many years. He also wore custom made flamenco boots. This comes from Karen Faye, I asked her a while ago.
  8. Spike Lee announces Off The Wall Documentary - Estate Announcement Page 66

    Bad has been reissued as well. I was equally surprised as you when I saw it at Walmart. I thought for a moment it was a stray copy left over from pre-2001! There are also single disc HIStory albums. The 2nd disc!
  9. Michael should have released this song, it had #1 written all over it

    Al Capone is fantastic in the same sense Black Or White is, and to a slightly lesser degree If You Don't Love Me. It just flows like few songs do. It has a giant pop/radio sensibility that VERY little of his other work does, in my opinion. It's mind boggling he was sitting on a hook like Al...
  10. Al Bano's Copyright Cases against MJ

    Musically, the situation is actually hilarious (at least to me). Al Bano's original song: How he performs it now: Who ripped off who?
  11. Hot topic Brad Sundberg Seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson

    Re: Brad Sundberg seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson That's just insane. Seriously? Maybe for the next album, they could flip it: take instrumentals Michael made, completely scarp the vocals and lyrics he wrote, and have random singers come up with new vocal tracks? That would...
  12. Barry Gibb mentions Michael in June 5, 2014 issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

    The following is an excerpt from the article: Dozens of photos cover his [Barry Gibb's] walls. Most of them are of family. But others are of departed friends, like Michael Jackson, who was godfather to one of Gibb's sons. "He would come to Miami and stay in our house," says Gibb. "He'd sit in...
  13. 'Xscape' High Resolution audio review

    I don't doubt you can hear a clear cut difference. It doesn't mean it's due to differences in the signal itself.
  14. 'Xscape' High Resolution audio review

    The vast majority of experimental studies published in peer-reviewed academic journals find no perceptible differences between the two formats. Understanding of human hearing helps see why this is the case. For any person interested, I will of course gladly direct you to the relevant literature.
  15. From the Estate: Michael Jackson/Justin Bieber Duet NOT Happening

    Re: Statement from the Estate regarding Justin Bieber What a relief.