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  • Hiya there! stopping by to bring you some :give_flowers: which I picked today before the ground frost tonight wilts them :) Hope they bring some :sun: to your day, well, actually it's night right now but you get the idea LOL
    Hi gurl! Thanks for the hugs, very needed to be sure! Did you decide to watch any of the trial? These are trying times to be sure that make you want to :banghead: say :eek:mg::eek:mg:...hope that the prosecution always has :idea: which are good and try and not become too :teary_eyed: Just in case you do I'm sending you many virtual (((((hugs))))) Take good care of yourself
    xx Cinzia
    my dear friend
    ty for the rep and for always being kind.
    i missed you too .
    (((tightly huggs)))))

    Am gasit pana la urma.
    Ai aici un link daca te intereseaza desi inteleg perfect ceea ce ai spus.Si eu stau in cumpana daca sa ma duc sau nu.Nu-mi aduce niciun fel de alinare.Singurul motiv pentru care m-as duce ar fi ca sa contribui la un numar cat mai mare de fani adunati la eveniment astfel incat sa nu mai zica iar in presa ca "fanii deja l-au uitat" asa cum au zis si anul trecut.:sad:

    Stii cumva daca e organizat ceva pe 25 iunie in Bucuresti?Nu am auzit nimic in presa si nu am nicio legatura cu vreun alt fan de pe aici.

    I don't use visitor messaging at the moment but I sent out a friend request anyway, I hope it is ok. :)
    NP. Happy to give it to you. And thank you very mch! You really made me smile! :)
    :hello:Thanks for the rep! Hope you had a nice Easter and feel a bit more like this :cheeky: and this :D now!
    Hi Alma,

    good to hear from you and I'm happy that you and your family are doing well!

    Me and the family are doing well too, thank you for asking.

    Have a wonderful day/evening/night! (not sure what timezone you're in ;) )
    Hi Alma,
    just dropping by to share some Michaelin' L.O.V.E and to thank you for the rep!
    Hope all is well with you and your family...
    aww..glad you are well alma hun .thanking you for thinking of me :huggy:.
    thinking of you too hun
    god bless .x
    To an angel ,
    hiya sweetie .
    just passin through showing some respect /love
    hope you are well .

    thank you so much for the are so sweet. It is not easy somtimes..but we have to stay alert for their sake. :hug:
    thanxs ....
    i feel you are a nice person .
    you touch me with your text & your compassion for others, radiates thro' the screen alma . .
    havea great day/night hun:victory:
    god bless .x
    oh.... thank u so so so much :angel: i really needs these posts. they give me strenght and gives me hope that we are not alone... and that there r people who can hear us... and cares. thank u so so much for listening and for caring. it means SO SO SO MUCH to us. :flowers:
    Thanks for your words. Yet it's hard to make myself clear, so I'm cautious... Everything is sad and it's so easy to be misunderstood or to hurt others (when the intention is just the opposite).
    Thank you again, Alma
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