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  • Thanks for the info sweetie :hug:

    How is my wee sis? :hug: I hope you are doing ok... I've been really busy... but in two weeks... holidays :dance:

    Hope to see you soon!

    I spent half of my day at Uni on Sunday cuz stupid prof is :crazy: and couldn't tell us the exact hours of exams and he divided us for small groups in the same day (he should have done it 2-3 days BEFORE exam), which meant we had to stay there till 9 pm :wtf: I was so pissed off!!! But thankfully it was the last exam ever!! and bye-bye Uni!! :p) anyway we’ll see the results soon! :lol:

    Hope you fully recovered from hangover feeling (so do I :cheers: :lol: my headache was over close after few naps and when I took my second shower :D so it means I've really good head to alcohol...but for your information - I'm not proud of it :toofunny:)

    See you soon Sweetie and I'm looking forward to have a lil chat with you! :hug: Sorry I wasn't so active these days...but you know.. I usually spend almost whole my day outdoors - bike, swimming, gym ;) Like I did yesterday, I went with my bike for 3hrs and then 1hr swimming :D summer is coming! and Karina is :girl_happy: :D

    OMG my sweet Alyssa! I can feel you with this hangover! :lmao: I had exacly the same when I got back home from Friday's party in the club with friends :toofunny: I remember almost everything what I did and what I said but I hardly can remember how I returned home :lmao: hahahaha!!! The party was greattttt!! First part was at my friend's apartment and then we've been 'traveling' by taxi to 3 clubs :lol: How was your party? :D

    During the weekend I had also my last exam at Uni :girl_happy: but you know…when it came to study yesterday… I had so dizzy feelings… and it wasn’t easy with hangover!!! :lol: I knew...NOTHING about the subject which I was going to pass :lmao: it was…weird… questions were tricky, prof is completely freak (!!!:bugeyed)
    Morning my wee sis! :hug: Or good night if you come back :lol:

    Take care and enjoy....

    Awwww my wee sis! :hug: thank you so much for wishes!!! :D but I got them in good time on FB :wild: so don't be sad, please!! I know you meant well and you made them from bottom of your heart :heart: :hug:

    What's new? :) How are you feeling? :hug:

    Yes, you are a naughty citizen :nono:..... :naughty:

    I'm ok thanks, just recovered from the surgery but I don't think it has worked :(

    But apart from that I have my final two exams coming up later this month :pray:

    I need to start revising :lol:
    I guess you'll come before I log out! :D

    Anyway.... good morning or night! Better both of them! :hug:

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