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    New Official MJ Merch Collection

    That artwork with Michael doing that exact pose was used on the Ultimate Collection (no background stuff, though; just the silhouette), so it's possible they have the original artwork files laying around and have been reusing it for different merchandise and slapping different backgrounds behind...
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    I won't lie, I'm mildly tempted to get it simply because it will be available for less during one of Walmart's early Black Friday things, and Dangerous is my favorite MJ album. However, I doubt the sound quality will be good as I think colored vinyls don't have as good quality as regular...
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    But wait, there's more! If you buy it from Walmart, you get it in SILVER oooo Link for proof Link to early Black Friday ad that shows the album will be on sale for less on November 10th Sigh... why can't this album ever get the love and respect it deserves?
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    Confirmed - Leaving Neverland is No Longer on Netflix

    Don't know about UK Netflix, but here in the US if something is about to leave the service it will show a "Last day to watch on Netflix: (date)" message on a show or movie. Seems to pop up maybe when there's about two weeks to a month left. If it works the same way over there we won't know...
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    Is there an official 2022 calendar?

    There are stores like that around me too, but they only ever seem to sell official merch. I went to their website and the online shopping option just redirects me to, and they don't have anything MJ related at all. Thinking on it more I may not bother with a calendar at all...
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    Is there an official 2022 calendar?

    Seems so... sadness. Guess us folks in the US either have to eat the cost of shipping/taxes from the UK to the US or get one of the unofficial ones that crop up.
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    Welcome to our new community forum and website.

    I like it! Thanks for all you do, Gaz!
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    This Is It costumes: Cool or Tacky?

    Yeah the Heal the World jacket was just ugly as hell. A real "What were they thinking?" moment. I liked the MITM one though; it looked like something he would normally wear.
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    Celebrating Michael on August 29th

    Happy Birthday, Michael!
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    Is there an official 2022 calendar?

    Browntrout Publishing is the publisher for MJ calendars in the US. But looking on their site they don't have one for him at all for 2022. Either they're very late getting it out or whatever licensing deal they had expired. Hopefully we get a US-based one soon... If all else fails there's...
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    The show isn't as great as his older concerts, but it holds a special place for me as this was the first time I saw ANY live performance of his. I was 15 and all I knew about Michael at that point was (aside from the negative press) Captain EO, the Bad album, and that he could do something...
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    Remembering Michael on June 25th 2021

    Another year without you... If only I could have met you in this lifetime. I love and miss you, Michael. :cryv3:
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    Hot topic Brad Sundberg Seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson

    Too short notice for me to go. -_- Hopefully more dates are added soon!
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    New purearts figure

    ....huh? Wait, never mind, I'm a ****ing idiot. I just realized that the outfit he's wearing in the one figure is from the HIStory teaser. -_- But the pose is literally the same one from the start of the Dangerous Tour concerts so I got the two mixed up. Sigh... might as well burn my fandom...
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    New purearts figure

    <s>So happy to see some Dangerous Tour love.</s> Curious on the price, though.