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  • Merry Christmas!

    Long time no see! Hehe! It was wonderful! Thank you! Hope you had a nice time too! I'm so busy writing my thesis write now I can't breathe! LOL
    AmeliaJane, Im so happy I logged on today because otherwise I would have not seen your message. Merry Christmas my friend, I hope your evening is filled with joy and laughter, I sure had alot of laughter today with my family. Lots of hugs, XOXOX
    aww,,thanx you beautiful lisa .....much ,much love and respect babes :flowers:
    have a beautiful christmas ..:xmas1:
    I dont know whats going on AmeliaJayne.. I just have a feeling something is very wrong and its not just the law enforecement and Conrad Murray.. I feel like this is all a big joke. Someone is definitely messing with our feelings. I cant even be sad at the moment. I dont understand anything.

    Take Care of yourself too. I will message you when I come back to MJJC frequently.
    Hey I'm ok thanxs , I went to see This Is It for the first time last night with my friends. It was so magical, even my friends loved it! How are you? I hope that you have been keeping well xx
    Hi! Ive been taking a break from MJJC. Im doing well.. infact so well Im in denial over his death and Im going through a phase thinking this is all a hoax.. (pls dont kill me) for saying so but Im really confused right now by the thought that Murray is back in business in his clinic in Huston. I cant take this anymore and I'd rather stay away from any news related to Michael because this is all becoming too much of a circus. I feel like Im in the TRUMAN SHOW and someone is directing a bizarre scene for us. I cannot understand whats going on. Where is the justice? Id rather stay away from MJJC a while.

    How are you doing lately?

    I swore I wasnt going to see it either but I saw it last week on sunday. Thats what I was upset about, I was doing fine til I saw TII.. I cried hysterically for 3 days straight (literally on the busstops.. on the tube.. infront of people) as if he had died just yesterday. I forced myself to watch ALL the videos.. All my lost VHS tapes and concerts, interviews, Home movies, short films... And then cried some more.. But now 8 days later I am doing amazingly compared to then.. I think I needed to do all that crying.. Its not that it gave me closure.. I just feel better about it now. What have you done since watching the movie?

    It might sound like a bad idea to watch all of Michaels videos (I mean everything, the interviews, the documentaries, random clips, shortfilms..) but crying does one good.
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