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    Merry Christmas!

    Long time no see! Hehe! It was wonderful! Thank you! Hope you had a nice time too! I'm so busy writing my thesis write now I can't breathe! LOL
    AmeliaJane, Im so happy I logged on today because otherwise I would have not seen your message. Merry Christmas my friend, I hope your evening is filled with joy and laughter, I sure had alot of laughter today with my family. Lots of hugs, XOXOX
    aww,,thanx you beautiful lisa .....much ,much love and respect babes :flowers:
    have a beautiful christmas ..:xmas1:
    I dont know whats going on AmeliaJayne.. I just have a feeling something is very wrong and its not just the law enforecement and Conrad Murray.. I feel like this is all a big joke. Someone is definitely messing with our feelings. I cant even be sad at the moment. I dont understand anything.

    Take Care of yourself too. I will message you when I come back to MJJC frequently.
    Hey I'm ok thanxs , I went to see This Is It for the first time last night with my friends. It was so magical, even my friends loved it! How are you? I hope that you have been keeping well xx
    Hi! Ive been taking a break from MJJC. Im doing well.. infact so well Im in denial over his death and Im going through a phase thinking this is all a hoax.. (pls dont kill me) for saying so but Im really confused right now by the thought that Murray is back in business in his clinic in Huston. I cant take this anymore and I'd rather stay away from any news related to Michael because this is all becoming too much of a circus. I feel like Im in the TRUMAN SHOW and someone is directing a bizarre scene for us. I cannot understand whats going on. Where is the justice? Id rather stay away from MJJC a while.

    How are you doing lately?

    I swore I wasnt going to see it either but I saw it last week on sunday. Thats what I was upset about, I was doing fine til I saw TII.. I cried hysterically for 3 days straight (literally on the busstops.. on the tube.. infront of people) as if he had died just yesterday. I forced myself to watch ALL the videos.. All my lost VHS tapes and concerts, interviews, Home movies, short films... And then cried some more.. But now 8 days later I am doing amazingly compared to then.. I think I needed to do all that crying.. Its not that it gave me closure.. I just feel better about it now. What have you done since watching the movie?

    It might sound like a bad idea to watch all of Michaels videos (I mean everything, the interviews, the documentaries, random clips, shortfilms..) but crying does one good.
    Hi Dear. Im doing rather good. I had a terrible last week with crying over Michael but now Im actually better. How are you doing sweetheart?
    What kind of a book are you making? Are you printing out pictures? I was planning to send in Michaels rare pics to a photo shop and have them rezise them to big posters and then frame them on my walls.. I feel the more rare pics I look at, the closer I feel to him.. The stereotypic promotion pics dont do much for me.. I love the rare pics of Michael in his home, or candid laughing pics of him being himself..


    God works in mysterious ways. Im not a religious person but I believe everything in life has its purpose and time. When my cousin passed on with cancer (age 20.. unbelivable) I was so angry and asked god why he would do such thing... But hey.. it was her time... We may never know until we are there ourselves. Perhaps Michael is in heaven laughing because he is alright and doing well and has found all the answers to his questions and prayers. As will we. We just have to wait for our time... OK now Im talking depressing things..
    Wow.. So MJ going upstairs or by a lift and you're telling him not to go but he does anyway? I would interpet that as Michael having to 'leave' to go to the other side, and you wanting him to stay in our world. Does that make sence? Maybe he was trying to tell us something, that it was his time to leave.

    I know.. I thought I was slow at first, missing all the great MJ pics floating around, but then I realised I hadnt seen many of them until after his death so I realised they had only been released after his death due to the high demand of MJ news and photos. Ive been saving pics for years too, some of them are so rare now that they are released.. I feel like a new fan all over again when I discover new pics of Michael.

    Im feeling a little bit better.. Not much difference though.. It helps to chat off all the sadness..
    Aw Im glad you've had a few couple of better days. What kind of dreams have you had of Michael? Its interesting with dreams, I wonder if they ever have a meaning or if our brains are playing a trick on us. I hope you have a good day tomorrow, Im off to school...

    PS: yeah that pic is too gorgeous.. wow MJ was gorgeous eh? too gorgeous...
    Hi AmeliaJayne. I feel like crap today.. I had a horrible MJ nightmare last night, Ive cried all day about him... How are you doing dear?

    Here you go, he looks lovely on this pic: Pic

    Go to Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009 forum if you wanna read about my MJ dream..

    Ameliajayne! Im doing fabulous, I started school 2 days ago so Im keeping myself busy.. How are you holdin up? Thank you so much, Im gonna check the pic right away. Stay in touch!
    :huggy: hello sweetheart .:heart: hiow are you holdin up ?...gah ......*shakes head* . its ...sureal ...still. im glad i have you and people...evryone here on mjjc , i worship this palce sometimes . im sending you love and warm hugs .
    aw, i'm sorry about that. i just picked up the new vanity fair... just for the pics. they're so amazing! michael's so beautiful.
    aw...i'm doing ok. um...i understand you, there were so many things happened in this year...we can't control them, included Michael's dead. It's really so sad... you now?? we might stay strong, bless you and hope you all well *hugs*
    aw, i'll send some love your way! *hugs* i'm doing ok. i hate hearing all this stuff about michael's doctor. bring's a lot of the feelings back. :(
    Hello chick,
    Hope you're doing ok, Thanks for the add! I hope your concert date went as well as it could. It's so hard...
    Sending you a hug,
    Steph. xxx
    *hugs* This too shall pass... We'll get over it at some point. And then we'll just have to wait until we are all reunited. xxxx

    Oh wow.. i forgot! omg, you're right... it's today.
    it wasn't meant to be it seems... My other concert date was 30 July. We would have vip tix and seating right there at the front... *sigh*
    yep, keeping busy maybe can let us forgot the pain
    but don't be too hard, take a reat tooo~~
    um...i'm fine.
    you know, i've finished my tralling tour in UK,'s so cool
    and i really love UK, so nice to me^^
    Totally understand you.. It dosnt hit me everyday though, it sort of hits me when I watch the memorial or I hear his siblings talk about Michael passing away.. When I hear his songs I still feel like he is with us.. But it dosnt hit me everyday, I sort of have to remind myself by watching the funeral everyday to make myself realise he is never coming back.. Im gonna watch the Uri Geller thing, havent done it yet.
    Hi ameliajayne. Im doing good, or at least better now.. I tried to find my way out of MJJC and not spend so much time here but I just couldnt help myself coming back.. Cant stop discussing MJ.. How are you doing?
    hi aaaw thanks. i am focussing on other things. the sadness never leaves but i know its important to try to take your mind off it. its still not been enough time yet though. xx
    i think u should focus on the other things to make you feel more better,
    you know??? Michael will not want you feel more sad about he's died.
    so you should not be sad anymore~~
    although it's so hard, but you should try it^^
    Everynight when i go to bed, i will say something to the sky
    because i think Michael will listen me and he will happy to listen to another who are talking to him...
    it had made me feel more better(real)
    seens he was living with me and let me felt more comfort~~
    you can try it if you want...
    if you don't think it so crazy~~~
    i'm ok. got the big people magazine tribute today. loved all the pictures, but it kinda made me sad. i miss michael so much. :(
    hello......i've just finished work for the summer.....would have been beside myself with excitement but its sadness instead. aaaaw what you doing your phd in then?xx
    I'm ok I guess...could be better! LOL! I'm getting a little stressed with my PhD these days too, hehe! Hope you're fine too! :) xx
    Don't be sad anymore~~
    michael will sad if we're sad too
    Be more strong, i will support you forever
    Let's us looking forward together^^
    oh, thx of you^^
    how are you??
    i'm so happy today because i had bought the new magazine of michael
    it's so great~~
    miss michael forever...
    awww thanx you sweetie :cry: thanx you so much ..
    :huggy::huggy::huggy: and many many more ~infinity .
    hey! thanks for checking on me. it's been rough... i feel a little better about it though. how are you doing?
    Hi, yeah it's gotten more difficut since the memorial, and now all this BS on the news... I miss him so much :(
    I'm coping quite ok I guess... It's not perfect as I do have my sad times, but I can laugh and eat normally now. Hope you're better yourself too! Hugs and kisses! :)
    :hug: well, I'm not doing so well either... doing my best to keep myself together but, it's so dificult.
    hugs to you too, ameliajayne! :D Please don't so sad, I'm quite positive Michael is out there somewhere. :yes:
    hiiiiiii babes
    no i wasnt lucky yet :lol: maybe by a miricle il get there :yes:.
    are you going :wub:
    did you have a lovely easter ?
    I quoted you in my fave Michael pic thread.
    BTW way I just want to say your siggy is AMAZING especially the annimations,there HOT!!! :dropdead:
    The black and white one is my favourite.
    Bad really is his best era isnt it?
    Its just everytjing about it.
    His hole attitude and his sexyness,the moves,everything.
    It has always been my favourite era.
    I love it so much I even got the Bad logo tattooed on me.
    lisa!!!!!!!!!!! :wibbly gold fish !!!:wild:

    hope you have a lovely week and happy new year my lovely !:heart:
    Ah... I've been so busy I hadn't had time to go on the picture section LOL, I'll be comming more often, those pics are stuning. :D
    yeah its a ~hopefuly nice get together with some close friends ~i havnt seen in yonks type thing :lol:
    oh the job sounds great , realy lovely to work with children , awww so cool to yapp again gal !
    mjjc roxs doesn't it :wub:
    cool , can i ask what you are doing ? or pm if its private
    you kno , its always great to love your job you kno ? realy glad to hear that gal
    gonna have a wickalicous weekend ? im planing a party ...heres HOPING it will go to plan :lol:
    hiya hun
    thanx for your mesage . :wub:lovely to hear from you , yeah doing well actually . busy with my kids though ,what with school and everything else .
    hows you
    love the profile lisa x
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