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  • Merry Christmas!!! :hug:

    Thank you hun, it's very kind of you to give me this info :) I will see what I can do, and let you know how I got on ;) Also, I hope you are feeling OK, this is a hard time for us all....:( So a big :hug: to you.
    how's the gold song song goin? u should call it "Ode to the Gold Pants" haha! btw "Butterflies" has definitely become your song, everytime I hear it I think of your after you posted that thread about few months ago! lol!
    Wow...OK, so that's given me some ideas. I don't have a Mac, so I guess I will use an Mbox with Acid, and see how that goes. I play the piano, so I'd be able to hook up my keyboard and record my songs that way I guess? Thanks a bunch for the link, that's not too expensive at all, and I think an investment is definatley needed :)Thanks again :flowers:
    Hey Amy, thanks...well I was going to ask you how you managed to record your songs and put them online? It's fantastic what you have done :clapping: I write songs too, but I find it's really difficult to get them recorded professionally (I've only been able to afford one demo so far!) As I write more, I want to be able to share the stuff I do, for feedback and expression. Any ideas? And thanks in advance :D
    Hey Sweetie, hope you are well? Just wanted to say how fab your blog is...I love the graphics and your writing. Just wanted to ask you a favour if that's OK with you? :D
    Hi Amy! Just wanted to say how much I truly loved your song A Mother´s Love. I´ve been listening to it over and over again the whole evening here (it´s evening where I live).
    It really touched me! Thank you! :hug:
    Hi, this is random but anyway...just watched you singing Heal The World! I :heart: it
    I dunno, I feel less connected with Michael here.
    Most discussions hardly have anything to do with him, maybe 10% of all threads are built around him and his art.
    Then you have 75% of the people that are bias and don't have an open mind.
    So I feel kind of more close to Michael buy watching interviews, documentaries, concerts and listen to his music.
    Now it's more like "little boo boo's jippy community with additional talk about MJ".

    Anyway, glad to hear you're doing good and keeping yourself busy! :)
    I'm gonna study "Purchase & Sales in Trade and Internet Trade" for a year, so hopefully it's something that will come to use later in life :)
    LOL, still love Michael but I don't love this board anymore.
    I'm actually starting to lose interest in all boards.

    Naw not too much going on, but I'm gonna start studies in a week so at least I have a new page in life to look forward to :)
    So what's up with you? All good? :)
    Aw, I'm honestly not very active on this board anymore.
    But hey let's switch this 180, why haven't YOU talked with me in forever? ;)
    Hey hun! Wishing you a Happy Momsday with your girly. :huggy:
    Hey AmyGrace I made a thread about you its in the lounge area - the thread where the fun and games are! Check it out!!!
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