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    Hi Amy, just want to say HI and yr new red car is beautiful especially with the beautiful view :) love yr work on photo

    have a great weekend ! xo
    yeah I would like to try that program. Hehe. I'm gonna download it tomorrow in my office. The line there is faster than my home's.. Thank you hun ^^
    Thank you ^^ I saved your recent 1 too. I just cant help it. The animation is so real. I like your pic too. It blends well with Michael's :) Yeah, the siggy is a bit of sad but in the point of artistic view, it's great !! I've been playing back my PS lately. It took me forever to get something I really like. I think I should Google for Easy Gif Animator because gosh, it made turned your creation into breathtaking siggy :)
    Aww thank you for the reply ^^ I appreciate. I've been really enjoying your previous siggy:wub:I even saved in my pc..hope you dont mind:wub:
    And you are really talented for coming up an idea like that for your recent siggy. It is eye catching and awesome :yes: It's BEAUTIFUL !! Wish I could be a little better in Photoshop and animating.. :(
    hey girl i havent been on in awhile but i have been having some weird dreams and i was wondering if you could help analyze them for me LOL i actually have more of a question than needing an analysis...LOL idk its weird hahaha
    I agree with you about Michael and that the animals don't deserve the cruelty they often endure. I don't think we're far apart really. I just enjoy a chicken sandwich every now and then!
    Sorry but it's true. Bar hours are restricted. Selling teens a cigarette is corrupting their morals but it's fine to give them condoms? Now the meat business is under fire. They should be slaughtered humanely though, you got a point there.
    I got an infraction for saying "liberals were sticking their big fat noses in other people's business telling us we can't eat drink smoke." I just want to say that this description was NOT about you, it was a general statement. If that's you in your avvy, you clearly don't have a big fat nose. Just want to also say that although I disagree with your position I admire your activist spirit.
    Just read the thread you started regarding KFC too bad it was closed but there was just too much disrespect going on in there!!!

    I have had the same ethical questions about Michael and KFC myself. I don't know how he could support such a thing, other than if he simply did not know what went on behind closed doors, I mean I really can't see him supporting such complete and utter disregard for the well-being of animals, unless it was unknowingly.

    Yes, I have a bit of a strong opinion here, I've been vegan for 3.5 years :heart: good to know another Michael fan, animal lover, and veggie!!! :D
    I used to get it 2-3 times a month. More if its on pizza and I have to say I love chicken. But I can't eat it anymore knowing everything about how it affects agriculture, poverty, global warming and one's health. Poverty is increased in developing countries because of the goods exported to fatten animals so they are tastier. That is sick. Those kids have less to eat because of our greedy. I love meat but sometimes you have to sacrifice. Thanks for the thread.
    Ok I've done my research. No more meat. My friend is doing it with me too. Thanks, you're making it a better place.
    Sorry about all the crap you got from that KFC thread. I would have backed you up if I got the chance to respond. I'm considering becoming a vegeterian. I'll research for a while and see where it goes.
    Aw crap, just by the time I wanted to respond to your thread it got closed. That's stupid. It had a good & fair intent, sad to see people always jump on the fence and seem scared to even open up a little bit on other ways of life. Geez. :smilerolleyes: So anyway, thanks for bringing that up and you made me reconsider things at least...I've always 'disliked' eating meat and focus on buying 'animal-friendly' food for as far as it is. I'm neutral about eating meat, but DO care about animals so...wonder what other products might be there instead of meat, wouldn't miss it...sounds like an interesting thing to go find out about that, might be about time.
    Well...hope you're doing fine today girl! Enjoy your Sunday! :huggy:
    awww. I really really hope you find that loving happiness in reality, I believe you deserve. You have a lot of wonderful talent and are so well articulated. Any man would be super ultra lucky. For real. :)

    Wanna know something embarrassing? Going back to those this one time, i had this dream about Lindsay Lohan and it was one of those flirty dreams and I woke up swoooning over her too!!! lol. And O M G, I have like negative zero interest in her. Im not even attracted to her like that. But the darn dream defied that. And just like you, i was like imagining it over and over for a whole day. lol. I even researched her online lmao... so silly. Finally came back to my senses. Lindsay Lohan. Of all people I could have dreamed of. I get her. hahaha! :lol:

    Surely my dreamcaster was probably high on something that night. Hahah
    Haha!! Oh my goodness! :blush:

    Well there you have it. :lol:
    I totally understand though. I've had some random dreams like that before too. Where its like, you only know so much of a person, even physically, but your brain fills in all these gaps to make it complete. And I remember waking up going "i must have her!" hahaha.

    Then reality hits. Uh...waitaminute! :lol:
    Well thanks for sharing and i hope you enjoyed the dates! hahaha. Cool. :D
    Heh! Really?? Tell me about it! :D
    Thanks for stopping by for the warm hellos. Always a doll. :)
    Have a great hump day yourself. Which is just about over now isnt it? hehe!
    ive been better. Its been really stressful over here with all this licensing stuff I had to deal with. long story.
    But i swear to goodness grace, Im doing my best to stay positive. I have grown pretty sensitive lately. I think its best i keep from posting for a while until i regain emotional strength. Heh, hey! what do you know? Im human! :p haha!

    Other than that, everything is good and healthy. And sure no problem. You take the best pics. Always. :)
    Keep rockin it!
    Hows the little angel doing? (your daughter)
    Hi Amy, its been so long since I came by to say hello on your profile. I hope youre doing well.
    Youre doing a really great job with your pictures btw. Very pro stuff.
    Take care. :hug:
    hey amy :) how have you been?! i have been soo busy i havent been on the board in FOREVER!! how are things on here?? i miss it :(
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