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  • :ciao: Hi Amygrace! I just saw a pic of yours as an Avatar and I found it perfect!! How did you do it?
    hey girl thanks!! i know!!!! i was working SOO hard on that promotion, and it fell through and they gave it to someone that (i consider to be) less qualified than myself, so i have been spending some time reevaluating my situation at work! school is getting ready to start up soon UGH so i have been spending time just relaxing! i broke up with my ex boyfriend like...the day before christmas eve! so i ended up reconnecting with my first REALLY serious boyfriend and so we are giving 'us' another shot...its exciting! besides that i have been trying to avoid the stomach flu that is going around where i live...its pretty violent. how are you!?
    Hey girl... checked out your pages today. I love your webstie - very nice and very cool and your daughter is adorable from your youtube vid...

    Hope you are having a fantastic night and Happy New Year to you!
    yay!! I'm so glad you got it and liked everything! :D
    I hope you had a good Christmas too!!! :hug:

    I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas Amy! I hope you have a lovely time. Take care! :hug: :heart:
    Hey Amy!
    Just droppin' by to wish you a Merry Christmas!
    Hope you have nice days filled with love!
    Take care!:hug:
    Haha, epic :D
    But the biggest issue would be to make it through an entire hour - an hour is a surprisingly long time to try making it exciting :lol:
    But I think you're right - if someone would be good at it then it definitely would be you :popcorn: :D

    Hope you're having a good week also, a safe and comfortable landing towards Christmas :)
    Hahaaa :hysterical: @ defending himself for not being a whore :lol:

    Naw seriously, it's better to ignore those people no matter how "complimentary" they are so they don't get any "hopes" up and just drag around even longer.
    Jeez, the internet can be such a scary and bizarre place sometimes - it's like people don't think there are other humans reading what they write.

    A whole new meaning?! :bugeyed :)lol:)
    S.O.S. she's in disguise, S.O.S. she's in disguise.
    There's a she wolf in disguise... awwuuuuuuuu :lol:
    Haha you'd chew up the kid like Scooby Snacks on the trampoline :ph34r: :lol:

    Naw, time to sleep - sweet dreams, Amy :)
    I can only imagine the shit people write you.
    I've heard some pretty crazy stories from girl friends also about dudes just popping up on communities and the first thing they do is sending pictures of their dick - I mean, what kind of response does a person like that expect? :crazy:
    (I really don't blame the girls that really hate men :lol:)

    But God bless all the psycho girls I've met in my life since they gave me the appreciation for the regular ones that are still left :lol:

    Anyway, I hope they'll leave you alone - it ain't worth posting videos if you just get stressed out by idiots coming through.

    I don't know, Trampoline sounds "playful" also - you know "playful sexy".
    It's kind of like a swing :)lol:) ...or something.
    But now I can't stop thinking about "tramp", didn't notice it before - you've ruined "Trampoline" for me -_- - Naaaw, I'm just kidding.
    LOL @ "it's got the end of "vaseline" too so"
    How do you get all these ideas?! :giggle: :lol:
    Damn :/ But you know, good things comes to those who wait :yes:
    I honestly can't remember what I dreamt though - had bad sleep, which makes me feel "blahh" right now :lol:

    BTW, saw your tweet and it seems like your "Love Lockdown" has gotten a lot of love :D :dancin:
    Before you know it you'll have fanclubs and shit :D

    Hehe trampoline... it really is something about that word.
    Trampoline action :shifty: (haha for some reason that sounds sooo :naughty:)

    Truth is, that you're the only one that control what will go down - but I'll be sending you good thoughts - I ain't scared of the trampoline :shifty:

    Now it's actually time to float away to dream land - sweet dreams, Amy.
    Hands on top of the cover :rolleyes:

    Good question Amy, good question.
    Those occasions appear rarely, and there sure hell isn't a camera pointing at me :ph34r: :D

    Michael taught me well :shifty:
    I understand, it's like a built in "defence mechanism" - my mother is just the same when it comes to Michael, she described in a colourful language how she feels about this "friend" saying some really mean things about Michael :lol:

    Haha, ain't no footage of me dancing to hit the net! :lol:
    I save the dance for special occasions :shifty:

    Haha, when I was a kid I used to make MJ-performances - but I think that is something most kids that were fans did :D

    Oh the good old days, I'm getting all nostalgic.
    Haha, Taco Bell always makes me think of "Demolition Man" - have you seen it?!
    It's takes place after a war, and Taco Bell was the only restaurant that survived so it had became some fancy place they went to :hysterical:
    We don't have Taco Bell over here though - which is strange since we've imported most of your "traditional stuff" :D

    :( Aaw, too bad about the studio - I hope it works out though!
    You know, these mean MJ comments used to bother me for years :)censored:), but now I don't even care.
    After a while you just stop caring about it and feel like; "ah ok, it's your loss. No need to convince an idiot that I'm right". :crazy
    It's just unnecessary stress, because the truth is that it's they who miss out on Michael.
    Glad you got to do some dancing though - I only dance when no one is around :D:scream:
    LOL, where on earth did I get "Sesame street" from? :hysterical:
    You clearly wrote Muppets christmas carol - yupp, I'm officially starting to get amnesia or something. :lol:
    It's like, why do they confuse us with all of these similar names?! :lol:

    A Special Sesame Street Christmas (1978) (Is this the one you meant from the beginning? - Michael is in it.)
    The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) (This is the one you posted now)
    A Sesame Street Christmas Carol (2006) (V) (This is the one I downloaded, lol)

    Fuck all that, they just confuse me more than I'm already am :lol:

    Crummy day? Anything particular happened?!

    Naw, not much going on.
    Posted Christmas cards, watched This Is It, ate Tacos, ate more Tacos, ate even more Tacos, started on a beat, took a long bath... and now I'm here.
    Amy, which street carol was it you were referring to?
    The one I'm watching is from 2006 - but I googled and there's another one from the 70's with Michael Jackson in it.
    Seems like one is "A sesame street Christmas carol" (2006), and the other is "A Special Sesame Street Christmas" (1978)

    I think it's safe to say that the one you were talking about was the old one?!

    "A Christmas Story" seems by the first look of it to be like one of those old type of movies that I can't stand, but I'll give it a shot :lol:
    Only old movie I've liked this far is the original "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" - that one is absolutely amazing, way better than the new version.

    Anyway, what are you up to?! :)
    Anything going on? How are you feeling? - "talk to me woman" :D
    I REALLY need to know which program you use to edit picture... Cause I found a thread were you said which program you used and it was really good!
    Haha stores like "Things You Never Knew Existed" are dangerous.
    Whenever I go into a store like that to just "look around" I always end up buying a whole load of stuff that I really don't need :lol:
    I do love stuff like this :D

    Haha I absolutely love Bad Santa, the humour in it fits me perfectly.
    I dig that chick that has some weird fetish for Santa Clause :lol:
    Billy Bob is genius in his role also.
    I've actually not seen "A Christmas Story" and "The Muppets Christmas Carol" - I think I need to check it out!
    I love Christmas movies, my favourites are "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2".

    BTW did you watch "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" last night?
    Ohh thanks for the Gift Wizard!
    They have a whole lot of weird shit though, I mean WTF :lol:
    Haha, wasn't too sure about the you and the spinning rims, they're shiny though :rolleyes:

    Aaw, too bad to hear about alone on Christmas - but it's honestly not that bad, at least not now in older years.
    The last two Christmases I've been alone - but this year we're gonna "celebrate" together.
    But it ain't much different from any other day - only tradition I have is that I around 11PM the day before Christmas watch "Bad Santa", so when it ends it's Christmas Eve (Don't ask me why and shit, :lol: )
    But hey, you can celebrate with your daughter watching Disney movie(s) - We have a tradition in Sweden, they air a special Disney compilation every year called "Christmas with Donald Duck", the entire nation watch it and afterwards open the gifts :)
    I'm just like you - Honestly, if I should sum up in one word what I want then it would be "tranquillity".
    Oh, and I wish that 2010 will be a good year - that would be a nice gift.
    Like Santa just showing up on his fly ass sledge with his spinning rims and hand me a card that says something like: "Yo playa. Lay back, max and relax, because 2010 is gonna be one hell of a year! - 1 Love, Santa Clause" :rolleyes:
    I'd rather have Santa sending Miss Santa Clause though, but I guess you can't have everything :shifty: :lol:
    I wonder what to get my parents though, they're also kind of "oh no don't buy us anything" - but I know they will get disappointed if don't buy them anything at all :lol:
    Any ideas what to buy? :)

    You're gonna celebrate with the family?
    Honestly, Christmas has kind of lost it's magic - Just like birthdays, I haven't felt anything special about it in like 8 years or so.
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