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  • Hehe good question, I'm a bit of a self destructive type of dude (I've seen that movie before though). But I found it in HD and was like "aiight, let's see this". But it was just too much, and the connection was too undeniable so I shut it down. As I skipped through the movie I got these scenarios in my head of people doing awful things to Michael - the police brutality he went through was one of the things :cry: (Just a warning, clicking that link will fuck you up for a while if you've not already seen it before)
    Damn you Amy, I was trying to watch Passion of the Christ today and all I kept thinking about was Michael :( My sensitivity for his pain becomes even greater when it's so vivid, and you really understand the connection between Jesus and Michael. How neither of them couldn't shied their self from their whips, how they both wished that someday they'd understand.

    BTW, I watched "What the bleep do we know" a couple of days ago.. Quite complex stuff, I think I need to watch it again to fully understand everything. But I really agree with that how all "opportunities" are already "there" and lined up, you just gotta walk in the right line. It makes you think :)
    Haha you know, I thought of your piece straight away when I read that.
    I absolutely love David's work also, he's always pushing the envelope and making it "more than picture".
    However, I thought your picture of Michael was 10 times better than David's - I was quite honestly a bit disappointed in David's picture. I was expecting something mind blowing. He's usually the Willy Wonka of photo and retouching.
    Kind of like the same "taste" Tim Burton's version of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" has.
    Haha indeed "bible bullshit", but that's the beauty of it in the movie. I don't wanna say too much and ruin the movie for you, but that whole passage and the last two lines becomes very "raw" when you see the movie. You've got to see Pulp Fiction!
    I'm gonna do my best to at least see "The Secret" or "What the bleep do we know" today!

    Oh nothing finished yet, but I've sitting in Photoshop and cut out the background for a couple of photos to get something going. I'll probably end up doing some form of musical tribute in the end though.
    Hey Amy, I don't know if you've seen Pulp Fiction? But there's a modified passage from the Ezekiel 25:17 that Samuel L Jackson's character is saying a couple of times in the movie. Don't you think this really fits to Michael? Read it like it's God's script about Michael

    "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."

    Think it's my turn to make an art piece now! :D :p
    Aah, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Your photo was absolutely flawless!
    I honestly think it's really hard to capture in graphics what you were talking about, but you really made a good job with those pictures.
    It's almost like snow you know, that covers the ground. You can't see the ground because of the snow that lies on top of the ground.
    The only difference is that snow is beautiful, and the media's twist is not beautiful at all.

    It will be interesting to see what you'll come up with next. You've already got your Heal The World piece. It's like, to heal the world we've got to first heal ourselves.
    I really wish that people get off your ass and for 1 second try to think outside the box and realize that if anything, you were trying to uplift BOTH Michael and Jesus since you draw a comparison of the good hearts they both had to suffer from having it.
    Ah well, I hope the different opinions about religion in your latest thread will end so it doesn't get deleted.

    I'm really looking forward seeing what you will come up with. I'd love to see you do a piece of "Morphine", but that might be a little bit too "strong" for this forum.
    Michael had so many inspirational songs like; Earth Song, They Don't Care About Us, Will You be There, Man In The Mirror, Jam, Why You Wanna Trip On Me, HIStory (the list goes on forever.) - Yet on today's RNB albums there's just junk, the same songs and it's all about they making money and "making it rain". Whenever Michael talked about money, it was about peoples greed of it. That's the difference.
    BTW, read your new article, I really enjoyed it! There's one thing that really caught my eyes and it is that you also feel that you gain more by reading his lyrics. I feel the same and I think that's because he often didn't pronounced his words and he built his verses in a different way. Take Childhood for an example, I don't know how he built that song, it's one of a kind.
    I really enjoy what you do, really loved your latest art work also!
    It will be interesting to see what you'll come up with next!
    I promise I'll stop by your thread and drop a comment when I wake up, it's really late over here. Well it's actually so late that it's early now, lol.
    Me and my messed up sleep :(
    Great minds think alike, Amy! :D
    I think (many) people are egotistical in a way also. They always look at it that it isn't they who have to change, but everybody else. I think that if you don't mutually go into a relationship with the mind set that you constantly have to beat the level of love that you get from your partner by loving the person even more then you'll just fail as a couple. You have to really be in the mind set like; "I'd die for you". Because when you have your mindset of dying for someone then the other bumpy stuff that comes along the way seems so redundant.
    That they deleted your thread is some bullshit, true story. The longer you stay here the more you realize that some mods don't give a shit about others, just their own opinion. You even see mods beefing because they don't agree what is right and what is wrong to have discussed. I agree with you, it wasn't you who was the problem, it was the others blowing it up to a bigger thing than it was. (continue...)
    Yea I just saw your reply to my reply LOL I dunno...maybe it's because I'm not rooted in to a religion or anything but I saw nothing upsetting on the picture. In a way the picture was super fitting. If people are upset by the picture then why are they not 'horrified' or w/e by what they read and see on TV and the YouTube videos that people create about his abuse from police and being mobbed by fans? Those are more upsetting to me because he actually FELT those pains and EXPERIENCED those instances...But whateverrr lol. I should probably shut my mouth up before I'm Mod Qued or w/e LOL
    So I want you to know I am thoroughly pissed off that they deleted your first thread about Michael on the cross. :( UGH!
    Exactly! Not to make this about me, but I don't support anything that separates people, and religion often does that. I've seen it happen all the time, people can't get their relationships to work because of different religions - and sometimes people can't even begin their love because of different religions. It just creates confusion in the world.
    Imagine if we all spoke the same language and had the same belief, the world would now be a much calmer place.

    I think that the bible and Christianity can be a good "guidance" on how to be a "good person", but I don't believe too much of the stuff written since the bible was written by man, and not by God itself. God is to me who or whatever you want it to be.

    BTW, what happened to your thread?! :(
    Hi Amy, the pleasure is mine!
    I really enjoyed reading it and I truly felt the message with your picture.
    And I just wish that people would understand and appreciate your genius - your "we are the world" piece is also absolutely breathtaking.

    Let the people talk, at least you managed to get their attention!
    I just sometimes wish that people could see a difference in religion and belief, to me they are two completely different things.
    Heyy. Okay, I don't want you to think I'm weird or anything LOL but I was driving in the car today and got (what I think) is a good idea for a YouTube video for Michael's song 'The Girl Is Mine', but it takes 2 people and you are the only other person I know who likes Michael and understands videos/YouTube who sings too LOL. I think it would be cute to make a video of each of us singing a different part of the song (like one do Mike, one do Paul) but change it to 'the boy is mine' LOL and then we can just cut and paste clips of the video together to make it look like we are 'arguing' with each other over a boy LOL Michael :) It could be funny or cute or whatever. I just thought it would be a cute idea if you were interested! Let me know :) Or if you have any ideas lol
    i just have to tell you that i LOVEEEE the pictures you took of (i think) yourself painted like the world?? i think michael would have went nuts for them because they so perfectly represent some of his music 'we are the world' =]
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