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  • Duh I wrote back to you on my profile :doh: lol

    I go there a fair bit, They have the early bird if you go before 5:30 you get a 3rd off the normal price :D Um.. Fave album hmm haha! Dangerous. Love it. Love them all but that is my fave I think :unsure: :lol: what about you?
    It's going ok thanks, Be better when I take my kids up to the Harvester for dinner later can't wait lol... Mmm :p haha! Love the salad bar. Hows your day going? :)
    Oh really? COOOL!! I love hello kitty <3. :heart:
    How are you, my sweet and always lovely Instrument? :blush::hug:
    All is going well? :wub:
    HI! Thank you for the rep. :) My name came about.. oh it's a long story. When I first started chatting, I came with my real name which is Angel, and I had so many guys trying to hit on me in chat. I was new to chatting and just didn't like that happening so my solution was to pretend to be a guy sort of (I was married at the time). I didn't really pretend to be a guy and if someone asked me I would have told them I am female, but I thought that by using a masculine sounding name like "Ape" it would keep them at bay. It didn't. Not really. People started thinking I was MJ Ape is also an awful nicname someone gave me once because of my initials which aren't Ape, but are AP. That is the shortened version.
    yeah, I saw it! I'm hoping someone will make a 'La Toya best of' or else I'll have to spend hours in front of my computer. lol Thank you for your message instrument, hope you're well.It's very nice to meet you xxx

    Yw! ;)
    Not so hot for me 'cause I'm a man! but so charismatic!! yeah :yes:
    Who doesn't like the way he walks ?? :punk:
    I like your the animated thing you have in your siggy! :yes:
    *Billie Jean Forever* :punk:
    Aw you're welcome and thank you! :flowers:
    My christmas was great, and I hope you had a fantastic one too! :newyear:
    haha thanks for liking my profile! :D Hope we can talk soon! xoxo
    Merry Christmas, Instrument! :xmas1:
    I hope you have a great time with your family. God Bless! :hug:~Gia

    lol yes...thaz the book. it's actually blue with a stick figure.
    and it's what inspired my name. im gonna change it to my official name soon!

    so...whaz ur name?
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