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  • I guess if a forum like how MaxJax was from 2008-2010 ever popped up again I'd be there in a flash but the place as it was, was not for me. I don't think MJJC is the place for me either, too big. I'll never stop being a fan but I'm definitely done with forums for a loooong time. Haha.
    I've sort of stepped away from the whole Cascio thing for the last 6 months.. I keep an ear out but it's not like I need any more convincing, I've known the truth since November 2010. So I try to forget about it. The Estate seem to screw up everything they try to treat us with, I've heard Immortal isn't that good which is why I didn't bother buying tickets for the UK show today.

    I kept an eye on the trial and was very pleased with the result but other than that I've sort of been going back to my old ways as an MJ fan before I ever used a forum, when it was just something I enjoyed on my own and I like it that way which is why when I was forced out of MaxJax I didn't go to any other forum. I think I'm sort of done with MJ forums for now. I've made friends and I can speak to them outside of forums now so that's what I'll do. I'm done with all the immaturity and bickering.

    I'm just getting on with my own life now and things are going well.
    Hello there, Andrey. Yes, of course I remember you, I remember all of the names of people who backed me up on MaxJax. How's it hangin'?
    where've you been!?! i guess over at maxjax. crazy that they closed down, right? i'm not that surprised though . . .
    To be honest I haven't paid much attention to it.. But it would be certainly a lot of job to replace one adlib like that. It is easier to mix in large segment rather than small. Also Beat It is already done, so I'm afraid I can't get back to it :(
    No, I don't think Beat It had pasted adlibs. You maybe mean ''Do it! Macho!'' like in HWT. But in Bucharest there weren't those.
    I use BBC audio as base. Jam - BOW is IMWhizzles remastered BBC audio. He didn't do more than BOW sadly :( I'm using BBC Macaw's source. Downloaded while ago on MJJC. It's best quality BBC source. Also DJ_Oxy used it for his Bucharest remaster. Quality difference isn't huge. I think overall ok. And I left pasted adlibs in Jam at beggining from DVD ''Ouhh! Auh! Hou!'' cause I love them :D Here is trailer -
    I'm doing a project - Bucharest 1992 BBC & DVD mix. To mix all best angles and make possibly best version of Bucharest concert. It will be DVD :) I have done almost all concert :)
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