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  • 40 doing a couple of presentations a week too :S im very tierd ..its already starting to take its toll. ahwell il get used to it eventually.. im looking forward to seeing everyone, i think we will all need to have a big hug at the end of the day! x
    hey, hows it going?...yep iv started uni ...lots of work already ..which im happy about, i ment to be doing 40 hours a week though :S lol....not long till the 28th! will be gd to see you! x
    ..i send gary most of my my art work...just building it all up so we can then introduce it into the forums and maybe start selling prints for charity!....we'v all been ther and done the whole drinking thing lol i do like the occasional glass of red wine though:D...glad to hear everything is picking up!!! wheres your old school then? sounds like fun! x
    kl! glad u had a gd time...iv been very busy with my art work...havnt stoped lol...went to cornwall for a few days which was nice. i start uni at the end of this im guna be mega busy :S which is gd i spose. what else u bin up to ? x
    wow ur lucky looking forward to seeing mr g and everyone. i hope u have a great time. chat to u soon x
    just saw your siggy its absolutly beautiful , creative ~.
    :huggy: tonight is so sad
    im ok thanks ...iv been busy with lots of art and guna try and get sum new t shirt designs done to show gary on the 29th... when are you off to new york?
    hey sorry i havnt gt bk to you about the logo...iv been away and havnt spoken to gary. hows things going? hope all is well x
    hey! i only have one pic of the logo ...and the pixel isnt tht great, il ask gary for u tonight. .. i cant wait for the next meet up..get to know everyone better :) how are you anyway? x
    wow i do like NYC should be good! hopefully il see you at some of the mjjc events it will be gd to get to know everyone better. im off now, nice speaking to you take care x
    i know! thers so much crap out ther that its all i hear from people around me its madness. its so hard to shut it off but its everywer. i say we get all the fans to do a mass burning all over the world of tabloids and newspapers and the world wht we think of them! lol
    im coping ok thanks
    its all a bit crazy. but thts the way this world goes.
    how about yourself?
    Hi, I'll be going to the O2 on the 13th. Saw your post and was wondering if I could have your mobile number in case I need to contact someone? Thanks!
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